The Dating Diary of Miss X – Chapter 6

In Chapter 6 of The Dating Diary of Miss X, our very single and very anonymous Miss X talks about what she’s learnt from “The Magic” and gets back in touch with an ex – Mr LinkedIn.

woman_head_silhouetteSo, Easter has been and gone. Is it just me or have we really only just had it but everyone is talking about next Holiday? No sooner than one holiday is over, we are all wishing our lives away looking towards the next one! The Easter eggs came out in my local Sainsbury’s just after Christmas. It’s ridiculous!

Well whatever, time is passing by too quickly and I’ve decided to take action.

I have a new job which even then isn’t too new as I’ve been there for 6 months already. It has become a complete blur and each week just merges into one. My weekends are too short now. I seem to get the Sunday blues on Saturday now.  But enough of that – all is very good and I’m happy generally. I think that is where true contentment must come.

For the first time I haven’t actually thought about a guy being the icing on the cake, more like the cream on the side or the accompaniment which must be a good thing.

I’m too busy for a relationship at the moment but when friends of mine say that I always think at the back of my head “because you haven’t met the right guy yet” or “just not in the right space for a relationship”, I would say it’s the former – meeting the right guy - but then I’ve been getting into my new book, The Magic, which is a sequel to The Secret and it really has changed my life. I would say we attract everything into our lives and that is the essence of it. Although that doesn’t mean we sit around and expect things to happen: we still have to actively create our own lives and make it happen, it just speeds it up. Gratitude also stands for something.

On this subject, I hope no one is offended or thinks it’s mumbo jumbo although you are entitled to your opinions (my father goes crazy at all this being an ex scientist however mum the painter loves all this). The only reason this has come out is the fact that recently I have been drawing in people I have been thinking about or from nowhere they have been in touch. I see it now as a reason and that most things to happen for a reason.  They really do – I can almost predict some outcomes to certain situations or just get a “gut feeling” to all sorts.

One such example just before Christmas I was on one of my many social sites and somehow I had an apparition to contact an ex from my Dating Agency days. Let’s call him Mr LinkedIn.  We’d went out briefly after his stint at the Dating Agency I helped to run.  But the warning bells were always out and this is why we ran out of steam then. I then decided to try again with him and really must learn to judge my initial gut feeling which was always to say – he is not really looking for a relationship and is just playing the game. He was then and is now.

The thing about Mr LinkedIn is that he just always got under my skin and I couldn’t really forget him. Even whilst he was at the Dating Agency (I fancied him from the beginning but couldn’t do anything about it for it being unprofessional – whose rules were those, oh mine!) he dated a couple of women but also had nightmare dates as I was his Matchmaker and purposely gave him a couple of not-so-great dates.  He remembered these dates when we met up again recently….

But even then when we tried to date properly he was actually “too busy”. What does this term mean when guys say “I’m too busy at the moment” or it’s been such a “busy ” week – I know what it means, it means he is “just not that into you”.  I totally dig this however I genuinely believe he did quite like me but just couldn’t commit. The proof is 5 years later (yes 5 years) Mr LinkedIn is still single having been through a few dates and also a relationship.

Will Mr LinkedIn link up with our Miss X? Find out next Friday in Chapter 7 of The Dating Diary of Miss X

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