The Dating Diary of Miss X – Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 of The Dating Diary of Miss X, our very single and very anonymous Miss X talks about Mr French and paying the bill.

Who pays?

This is an interesting question raised when I was seeing a chap called Mr French.   Yes he’s French!

I met him at a party and although he and I were both flitting between people. I realised by the end of the evening that he was actually quite decent as per usual I’d gone for most of the good looking (those are the good looking but caddish men usually)  so I facebooked him over the next few days. We had a mutual friend so this was easy.

He responded well, almost too well and was very persistent about meeting up which was all fine. Finally we met and I was certain it was classed as a first date a couple of months ago.  Another guy though who was not quite settled in his job and I could see he was slightly troubled. I do meet them!

I always had the impression that French guys were gentlemanly, romantic and chivalrous. He was on some accounts but on the first date “broke every rule” as they say. But then there shouldn’t be any rules. He persistently asked about my exes, who I’ve been with, how long, why it ended and then took me to a restaurant and we ended up splitting the bill.

This led me to a question which I have been pondering ever since. On a date who foots the bill or should it be split? I have no problem doing the splitting or even paying but perhaps I am a little old fashioned and on the first date like to allow the chap to be a “gentleman” and perhaps at least offer?  I am self-sufficient and can pay my way but that is not the point.

Yes we chatted earlier and agreed it was a date – so surely the guy can pay on the first date?

It was a lovely restaurant but quite cheap overall.

The bill arrived and rather than he take it, the Bill was left on the table. After a few minutes of nervous chatting I said “oh look there is the bill”  He almost seem to disregard it and then took it and gave me a look as if to say “are you about to cough up”  I felt it was right to say something and I said so “are we going dutch then?”  Surely he should and could have said No I’ll pay – but that didn’t arise so we split it.

After this interesting scenario I haven’t actually seen him since – mainly due to the fact he is back in France for a few months. We are still facebooking and there was a plan to go to visit him in the South, but it hasn’t felt right.

Check back next Friday for Chapter 6 of The Dating Diary of Miss X

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