The Dating Diary of Miss X – Chapter 4

In Chapter 4 of The Dating Diary of Miss X, our very single and very anonymous Miss X talks about her new flatmate and Mr Arty 

Living centrally does have its perks although costs a fortune!   I live in a gorgeous flat with some lovely flatmates. As I’ve previously mentioned 4 of the old couples have met through this very flat. Why has it not happened to me yet?   You probably think because you sound a bit desperate but actually no; one has to be actively out there perhaps sending out the vibes that you do want something without appearing desperate?

I have a new very hot flatmate who only moved in a month ago. I was on the “deciding” panel of course since I and another guy here have been living here the longest. It was most fun “interviewing” potential male flatmates. There is such a thing as flatmating. Let’s see how it goes with him: I’ve been trying to spend some time with him but again he works all the time and we both have our own lives. He’s on holiday at the moment for 2 weeks so let’s see what happens after…

I think the fact that a relationship hasn’t happened before is mainly down to work being so busy and probably me not wanting anything or if you don’t meet the right person why settle?  Nothing wrong with it.

I also tend to meet up with friends at the weekend: many of whom are partnered up, married, babies so really there do seem to be fewer eligible men around. But as my mother always puts it “Stop being so fussy”  I think if the guy did walk in and I felt enough connection then that would and should be it – maybe just to stop analysing!

The thing is I have fancied and been out with a few guys this year already. I did try dating one guy, a creative arty sort of a guy - let’s call him Mr Arty - and despite the fact he was consistently late and frantic most of the time, I really liked him and would have considered a relationship or something with him. It didn’t happen.

We met initially at a party for an art gallery back in January and it continued from then on. He was a landscape gardener and oh so deep. Just analysing everything to how he was feeling, how his friends were feeling to the point where it was starting to trouble himself. I told him to sort his own stuff out before anyone elses!  He needed a dose of positive thinking and luckily started to change (I think with my positive outlook)

To start with it was all very innocent: we’d meet up for the latest art exhibition as he had a Tate Members card, frequent galleries and museums galore. He’d talk about art in a very ethereal way and I hadn’t been out with a cultured guy for a while.  The guys I’d met had been mainly through the drinks business so the main focus drinking and partying.

It came to a point where we were seeing each other for a while and I used some honour points I’d accumulated for a weekend in Brighton. It was fantastic – however I just sort of assumed we were seeing each other. That evening at an incredible Oyster restaurant in Brighton (he was treating me) the clanger was dropped when we were talking about us and he said “Yes you need to be seeing other people”  I was quite stunned as I had sort-of-assumed we were an item and also thought to myself damn I hadn’t saved the free nights stay for a real boyfriend!

We then talked about it albeit a bit tiddly and worse for wear. It was decided that he had “just come out of a relationship and still fragile” I just decided to take this as it was and continue to see him but just for fun. It has been hard to have a real “Friend with Benefits”  as inevitably someone will get hurt.

Since then he has been going through a bit of turmoil, very down at times – hasn’t eaten, talks about his ex so I think it was probably best he sorts it out. I am always there to talk to him and be the understanding friend. At the moment he is in rehab for some depression, poor guy. I’ve decided to be on hand but not to get too close again….  So let’s leave that one there.

With all the guys I’ve dated I could now combine all the qualities and make one!

Check back next Friday for Chapter 5 of The Dating Diary of Miss X

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