The Dating Diary of Miss X – Chapter 2

In Chapter 2 of The Dating Diary of Miss X, our very single and very anonymous Londoner talks about dating, jobs and more dating.

I have had some interesting jobs to date and they are also linked to my love-life you could say. I was working in Media for 5 years – almost made redundant and then decided to leave and had a pre 30 crisis, went to Australia – hooked up with a very cute Aussie who then moved back to the UK with me and we ended up living together for 2 years before his working visa ran out. It was fun. Since then I have dated but longest was around 6 months. In my early twenties I had probably the most other serious relationship. He was older, my boss at an IT company and would have married me but I was too young then and hadn’t even left home by that stage! I do look back and wonder but realise that perhaps we weren’t right in any case.  We didn’t really have much in common but all good experiences.

Post Australia I then worked at a dating agency for a bit, dated a few clients and can just about live to tell the tale!  You would think I’d find the One that way. I did meet some interesting guys but they had some real deep rooted issues that needed sorting.  I could not be their therapist (actually we had a therapist/counsellor/date doctor we’d refer them too) It was strange.

Many of the people also had the same issue I had with my last job – NO TIME for a relationship. What was the point of spending all that money on a dating agency/website if you don’t have the time to devote to a potential relationship.   That happened with one of the guys I was seeing – he literally had to keep cancelling or rescheduling. But the other argument is anyone can make time if they really like someone!

Oh the course of true love never does run smoothly but I am enjoying the ride and believe there is someone out there for everyone. I think the one thing i have learnt from all the weddings I’ve been to is it will happen when you least expect it and to be happy within oneself. I can say I really am just need to sort out a few other things but if the love life thing happens than all good!

I’ve also got into the idea of the law of attraction and believe things do happen for a reason. However i do think we create our own luck/success and opportunity.

I probably won’t meet him sat at home watching the Olympics in my jim jams but then I do have a very hot new flatmate so does that count?  I want to test the fact and see if this flat does breed relationships due to the past 4 couples somehow meeting either present counterparts here or a connection to this flat such as a one of the infamous Flat parties.

I will also try out once again different dates and use some internet sites. I’ve heard is good as is My Single Friend. Friends have actually met and married through these sites. Again all a bit of luck but as I say with competitions that I win regularly – you’ve gotta be in it to win it.

I recently won a trip on Eurostar to Cologne following a band – I beat 900 applicants which was really incredible. Shall tell you about that another week…

Check back next Friday for Chapter 3 of The Dating Diary of Miss X

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