The Dating Diary of Miss X – Chapter 10

woman_head_silhouetteI met Mr French at 11 am and he collected me from the Hotel Reception. I was quite nervous prior to meeting him: what if I didn’t fancy him and I’ve booked 2 nights in this Hotel plus I knew we’d be travelling to his place near Cannes towards the weekend.

What if I didn’t really know this guy at all and he was going to do something nasty. You just never know. But I knew my instinct was always right: he was a good friend of a friend so I wasn’t just going out on a whim and we’d be fine.

He seemed quite nervous too but luckily took charge and with the weather so sunny but forecast not great for the week, decided to drive us to Italy. Italy was only an hour away along the French Riviera. We went towards San Remo: a very pretty fishing village in Italy and spent quite a heavenly afternoon there.

He was exceedingly chatty – almost too much. He seemed to talk about himself consistently. However I am a very good listener. I figured he was just starved of human contact or speech and needed to practice his English. His English was almost fluent with hardly any French accent but he’d lived in the UK for many years. He just decided to move to France due to the end of a relationship and to look after his father who is quite frail.

We travelled back from Italy along the coast. San Remo was the most picturesque little village: very unspoilt and traditional. We then went via the Riviera, Menton followed by a beautiful little village called  Eze which had its own castle and Hotel at the top of the hill.

I was loving the South of France already. It was just so laid back and relaxed. Still couldn’t work out what Mr French was doing to earn a bit of money – of course that’s not really important but you must be living on something as from what he was telling me there aren’t many jobs in the South apart from Hotel (and even they don’t pay well) I didn’t really ask too much but knew before he was some sort of Security consultant.

It was all very romantic but still no real romance yet. We then went back to my Hotel where he left his car and even then it all felt a bit awkward and slightly strange… I knew I fancied him quite a bit but we decided to pop out for some drinks as it was holidays!

We then had a little kiss and I almost wanted to stay there and then. We found a really trendy bar near the city centre and had a few drinks which was really nice. That evening was fun, not that I remember too much but it was ok. Ok I say not great!

The next few evenings were more fun however we then travelled to his home town near Cannes and that’s when he really opened up to me.

Check out Chapter 11 next Friday to find out if Miss X and Mr French end happily ever after or not!

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