The Dating Diary of Miss X – Chapter 1

In Chapter 1 of City Connect’s brand new series – The Dating Diary of Miss X – the very anonymous and very single Miss X talks about living the dream in London.

I am writing this on my very balcony close to a well known train station in London.

Any friend who visits or knows I live here is immediately intrigued, jealous or even suspicious wondering how I can afford to live in such a wonderfully located flat close to every known amenity that London has to offer.

I could almost jump into the tube or train, the gym is within a 30 second walk, park and tennis courts within a short walk, plentiful shops, oh and check out those very hot men walking past the flat. Luckily I am on the 3rd floor so no one can really see me apart from my Team GB flags waving away. Well I have to show my support.

The feeling at the moment is one of complete jubilation. I must admit I was one of those, although born and bred in the UK (London to be precise) who was not at all excited at the prospect of us hosting the Games. What about the traffic, congestion, tube woes blah blah. The list goes on. The good thing is I am completely and utterly addicted and this occurred directly after the Opening Ceremony which was so brilliant.

I’ve tried with vain to get some tickets but have given up and live vicariously through the few lucky friends who have been there or post on facebook that they have been there (I suspect some have superimposed themselves into the Olympic Park or Velodrome) but none the less I think we are all secretly loving the Games.

I actually live here with other flatmates who are great to live with but it has taken a while to get a ”good vibe” going on here. I love the current ones. The old ones have generally left because a) they were French and went back to France b) Met someone in this flat and got a place together  c) just decided they didn’t like me or one of the existing flatmates.

The last 3 people to have left actually met their partners here so I am really hoping and praying that I can also do just that and have moved rooms into the “lucky” room ie with the balcony so I can do just that. Time will tell.

Oh did I mention that I am single and very single.

A man who recently approached me on a dating website that I hadn’t actually logged on for that many years I didn’t even realise it still existed contacted me recently with the immortal words:

“You’re actually really attractive, why on earth are you still single. Are you a bunny boiler? *smiley face*”

That really riled me – not the bunny boiler thing but the smiley face actually.  No the bunny boiler thing did and yes I would say I am not unattractive but that is not the issue. The issue I think is London and so much choice for guys/girls – we all keep our options open. However saying that if I met the guy I really really liked I would make exceptions as they would for me.   Why should I be mad – I am just really really fussy and for whatever reason find myself still single but actually pretty happy! I am young-ish, free and single to do what I want when I want.

I relish in spending time alone. I do have a very active social life to be perfectly honest and can barely find the time to fit friends in but need to have the “me-time”  I get up at the weekend (alone and no one hogging the bed covers) to go to the gym/swim/run in the park ALONE.  I go and read the Saturday/Sunday papers ALONE. It is bliss. I order what I want at the cafe ALONE.  Yes it sounds like I am a loner but really I am probably the most sociable and pretty confident person you can meet – I just like to have some time to myself and reflect. I thought guys liked that so how can I be a bunny boiler?

I have met a fair few men just for dating and really to test the waters out there. I really feel that I would like to meet a guy which is something for me as I think I was the commitment-phobe before. Saying that guys I am really keen on and fancy the pants off have never really worked out.

I get asked out by many many guys I am just not interested in. My lovely mother says “You are just too fussy”  but so what?  I would sooner be fussy and slightly choosy than be in a relationship which could even be humdrum and many people do just settle…I see many couples like that and in my age thirties am also seeing the first wave of divorcees. So they will be getting out of their marriages and need time to adjust perhaps with a kid or two.

I am completely open on the divorcee or having had a kid even. I would be happy to be a step mum as long as the guy was perhaps open to a child. Saying that though there is no clock or anything near me ticking.

Check back next Friday for Chapter 2 of The Dating Diary of Miss X

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