The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy

 The Bourne Legacy was always a risky venture, making a sequel with an all new cast. There’s no Matt Damon and even a new director.

But this movie is simply fantastic. Jeremy Renner has a great deal of screen charisma. Although it has a slow start, once the action begins it really kicks off. Houses get blown up, hot car chases and great fight scenes.

The chase sequences are simply superb. A great movie. I really loved it.

Rachel Weisz plays one of the doctors who is in peril when the CIA decide to terminate all operatives working in the covert lab making more “Jason Bournes”, so the advertising; ‘there was never just one’ rings true.

Jeremy plays Aaron Cross, whose Number 5 in the program. In an attempt to get more pills, he pretends he’s lost his own and goes to another operative Number 3 (Oscar Isaac). The lodge is attacked but Cross survives and realises his own superiors ordered the attack. He plans to stop them.

Interim Dr. Marta Shearing (Weisz) survives an attack, where one of her own colleagues shoots everyone. Later it’s clear she’s still a target, as they want everyone dead. She learns her colleague was modified to kill.

Can she rely on Cross to save her? He thinks she has more pills as all the ones in the lodge were destroyed. Is there something more to the pills? Could he come off them and still retain the advanced abilities he was given?

Joining forces; Marta and Cross cause chaos across the globe as they jet around looking for answers as well as staying alive. It’s a thrill a minute ride once Marta and Cross team up, the chemistry was amazing and I hope they make another movie. Matt Damon’s character Jason Bourne is mentioned throughout and is the cause of why the CIA decide to terminate the program and nearly kill everybody involved. (Although not board or office members!)

There’s few films that can carry off such suspense, emotion and a pure adrenaline rush but this ticks all three. The fight scenes remain some of the best and in one scene Cross clambers up a house. I was like – wow!

Although some of techno babble was lost on me, I was able to get the jist.

A worthy 9/10 in my book. I would see this film again.

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