The Best Gifts for The Beer Lover in Your Life

If your loved one owns their own bar or brewery, purchasing a beer related gift that could advertise their company or show off their love for this drink is a great and unique idea. Rather than getting them the same thing year after year or struggling to find a gift they will like and enjoy, check out these great gifts for anyone that is passionate about beer.

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Scratch Off Beer Poster

There are many home decorations that include beer, but many of them can be overused and tacky. Instead of buying the first thing relating to beer that you come across, why not give them a challenge with this scratch away 99 beers poster? For anyone who loves their beer and is an avid fan of trying new ones, this gives them something to work towards, with the ability to scratch off a beer once they have tried it. All they need is a dollar to scratch off each one, or if they prefer the poster as it is, they can just marvel at the 99 amazing beers on their wall.

Beer Steins

If your friend has their own bar, ordering beer steins is a great idea to bring something different to their customers when enjoying their favorite drink. These are a great way to promote business and are a great gift for bar owners and beer fans alike. Beer steins are also great gifts for independent brewers, who can promote their brewery with style to new and potential customers. Grey Fox Pottery beer steins can be custom-made with a logo of your choice, giving you the option of a super cool personalized gift for the beer enthusiast in your life. These are a great conversation starter and will last for years.

Beer Making Kit

For those who have not yet mastered the art of beer making but want to do so, why not buy them a beer making kit to begin their journey? Once you begin experimenting with beer, it is difficult to stop, and you may just set them on the road to becoming a successful brewer. There are many of these on the market, so you can purchase kits for every different type of beer, depending on what they enjoy best.

Beer Cap Maps

These maps would make a great accessory hung up in any home or bar and are an interesting way for beer lovers to display the different beers they have tried over the years. With many people collecting beer caps, this gives your beer drinking friend the chance to display each and every unique cap they come across, making for great memorabilia. These maps come in many different shapes and sizes, including a map with room for a beer cap from each state within the US or one specifically designed for Europe.

If you want to get a present that is truly unique, all of these gifts will be greatly appreciated by anyone that truly loves beer.

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