The Best Dog Movies to Binge Watch This Year

If playing dog themed online slots is not enough, then maybe you will need to switch to the movies to add some fun to your casino games (also known as casinospielen in German). And luckily there are a lot of movies that you can watch to total satisfaction. So, here are some of the best movies you can watch that will have you loving your pet even more.

Marley and Me

Not only is this dog the best friend of the family, but it is also a career booster. Marley and Me is based on a true story of Marley the dog. And, aside from the movie, the dog has a lot of newspaper articles and a book in its name. Sadly, the real Marley passed away back in 2003 and it turns out that he was not the worst dog after all. After watching this movie, you can take some break by visiting where you will be treated with dog-themed casino slots.

A Dog’s Journey

This movie has been described as one of the most emotional pet movies there is. The story shows how far a dog can go to prove his loyalty to his best friend. After his part of his family is ripped off from his life, a dog has to find a way that he can protect one of the most valued assets to his best friend,   the baby granddaughter.

Secret Life of Pets

Even though this movie is a cartoon, it has a lot of fun and comic parts that will definitely have you rolling down with laughter. And, the best part is that it also comes with a sequel to meaning that you will be getting double the fun. And, who knows, there might me an element of truth on what your pet will be up to when you are away after all.

Lady and the Tramp

This movie is one of the most famous dog movies ever made. The movie brings out the whole idea of how class is not important when it comes to true-love.  In this case, even dogs do that too therefore there is so much to learn on the whole concept of love from the most loving and loyal pets ever, dogs.

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