The Benefits of Scheduling a Mold Inspection

Many homeowners aren’t aware that various surfaces in their homes can be a breeding ground for many microorganisms, including mold. Bathrooms, basements and other high-humidity rooms are common areas that are ideal for mold growth. The reason for this is that mold thrives in damp, humid areas. Mold can grow in showers, carpets, ventilation ducts and crawlspaces.

One of the best ways to guard against mold is to ensure that there are no active leaks or areas where there’s moisture collecting regularly. For example, check your roof and gutters for leaks. Also, use the fan in your bathroom after taking a shower to absorb excess moisture. If none of these preventative measures are effective, you may consider scheduling a mold inspection portland.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

If the mold in your house becomes airborne, it can significantly decline your indoor air quality. By inhaling mold spores, it can get into your nasal passages and lungs. This could lead to allergy symptoms and can exacerbate pre-existing respiratory conditions, like asthma or lung disease. If you suspect that your house is riddled with mold, you can call on a mold remediation specialist to diagnose the problem and perform professional mold testing to see if you’re at risk of toxic mold exposure.

Reduce Risk of Structural Damage

Mold can grow in a variety of areas throughout your home such as behind walls or wallpaper, in flooring or ceiling tiles and behind and underneath appliances. Because mold growth is often accompanied by water damage, these issues can lead to problems with wooden structures, insulation and electrical wiring in your home. A mold inspection can reduce or prevent serious damage. 

If you don’t schedule a mold inspection or mold remediation, you could be at risk of damaging your home and your health.

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