The Artist – Silence is Golden

Silent cinema has made a big noise at this year’s awards ceremonies with The Artist winning a whole clutch of awards and receiving numerous nominations.

Already gaining 7 awards at the 2012 BAFTAs, including the coveted Best Film prize, and proving that silence is definitely golden as the movie’s leading actor Jean Dujardin won Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes 2012. The Artist also won Golden Globes awards for Best Picture and Best Score.

It is therefore no surprise that the film was expected to win yet more awards at the 84th Annual Academy Awards – also known as the Oscars 2012. With 10 nominations, by the end of the night The Artist had won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Director, Best Original Score Music and Best Costume Design

City Connect’s Executive Editor, Sebastian Müller, reported on this sensational film back in November 2011 when it was first released in Paris. In honour of the phenomenal success of The Artist with critics and audiences alike, City Connect brings you Sebastian’s film review one more time…

The Artist is a French movie by Michel Hazanavicius that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival before showing in the theatres in Paris. It has been greeted very warmly by the French public and has also been a great international success. The trailer looked highly intriguing and thus I decided to go and watch the movie to see for myself how this film fits into modern cinema, as I was unsure whether the revival of silent films would be a success or a complete failure.

The Artist stars Jean Dujardin & Bérénice Bejo

The Artist is a silent black and white movie set in Hollywood between 1927 and 1931 and is about a declining male film star and a rising actress. The film stars George Valentin played by Jean Dujardin and his leading lady is Peppy Miller, acted by Bérénice Bejo. As silent cinema grows out of fashion, Peppy Miller seizes the chance to become a star, whereas the old star, George Valentin, fails to adapt to the new style.

After Valentin’s fall, Peppy Miller becomes the new star of Hollywood but never forgets that it was George who helped her to become big. Ultimately, she looks after him and the romance has some unexpected but funny turns. Both of them are in fact desperately in love with each other.

Jean Dujardin as George Valentin

The film itself is a silent movie in black and white with music and effects playing in the background. The acting is absolutely phenomenal and the film is a real pleasure to watch. The story is quite simple but highly romantic and the viewer really gets absorbed in the plot and really wants it to end well. There are several nuances and jokes in the film and that keeps the audience engaged. It is sublimely funny and uses the silent film genre to create something new and unexpected.

The acting is very good throughout the film and the viewer really gets engaged with both protagonists. George Valentin, as his name suggests, is an incredible charming person and the wonderful Peppy Miller is sweet and seductive at the same time.

Dujardin and Bejo

The film, released in British cinemas in December 2011, will surely charm international audiences as it has the French public. I have to say that it is a stunning movie and an innovative revival of the silent movie.

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3 Responses to The Artist – Silence is Golden

  1. Nigel Moses says:

    That is an awfully astounding review. Thanks a lot for that fantastic post on an amazing film!

  2. Moses says:

    This film deserves all the awards it’s been getting. It’s a great movie and Jean Dujardin is such an expressive actor that words were totally unnecessary when he was on the screen!

  3. Josie says:

    I loved this film – so different – so clever. Jean Dujardin was fantastic and deserves the Oscar and the other awards he’s won. And the dog Uggie is sooo cute!!!