The international high IQ society Vediq Guild Foundation-New York,  is more than just a simple High IQ organization.

“The members of the VedIQ Guild are known as Visionaries.” says Aishwarya Trivedi, the founder of the Guild.

The VedIQ Guild has the purpose to embed learning, inspiration, creativity and to encourage.

“Its members come from a variety of backgrounds.”  Miss Trivedi says:

“Some grew up as social pariahs due to introversion and some participate socially on a regular basis. Others come from well educated backgrounds but humbly believe that there are people around the globe who do not have access to a decent education.

“We at the VedIQ Guild are not just gifted people. For us Giftedness is not a gift but a responsibility and we want to give intelligence a purpose. Our members reach out to the world to make a difference.”

As every year the VedIQ Guild Foundation Awards three outstanding people in the categories:

Leader of the Year, Visionary of the Yearand Genius of the Year.

This years laureates are:

Leader of the Year 2019 Iakovos Koukas (Greece). Mr Koukas is the founder and president of the Global Genius Generation Group (4G),

The High Intellect Society (This) the Borderless Revolutionary Advanced Intellectual Network  (Brain),

the Executive Leading Institute for Thinkers Evolution as well as the Gifted High IQ Network and the Genius High IQ Network.

Iakovos Koukas is honored for his leading work in the High IQ community.

His goals are to publish a series of books regarding the Philosophy of Science based on the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Genetic Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

Visionary of the Year 2019- Jeffery Allan Ford (USA)

Mr Ford is a writer of many articles read by millions of people as well as a speaker. His TED talk reached thousands of people around the world.

Jeffery is a member of many High IQ societies including Mensa and the Triple Nine Society for people with an IQ range in or above  the 99.9% of the human population, his is above.

Due to his Asperger’s Syndrome he survived a lot of bullying throughout his childhood.

He wants to encourage everyone to read a wide variety of books, develop an extensive vocabulary and learn proper grammar so that they have the mental tools and proper syntax to form a high level of thought.    

His massage is overwhelming:

“Be loving and kind to others and yourself. You are the only you that this world will ever have .So move forward and make your life a masterpiece.

Genius of the Year – Anja Jaenicke (Germany)

Mrs. Jaenicke is an outstanding actress, poet, screenwriter, filmmaker and painter and refers to herself as “Thinker cum Arte.” She has published a series of awarded Lyric books in English language. In 2016 she directed the film written after her Novel “Das Spiegelbild des Seins” (The Mirror Image of Being) and also played the main character. Anja Jaenicke played the leading role in many German TV and Movie productions and was awarded with several Film Awards.

She thinks that the purpose of an artists on this planet is to provide vision and insight to as many people as possible.  Her newest book “There Is More- Poetry of a Distinguished Visionary”  will be published later this year. Anja Jaenicke is also a permanent author for City Connect Magazine.

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About Anja Jaenicke

Anja Jaenicke is a poet, painter, screenwriter, filmmaker and Thinker cum Arte from Germany. She started her career as a film actress for German film and television and was awarded with film awards like the German Film Award, the Bavarian Film Award and the BAMBI. In the last years Anja has written poetry and articles for magazines and published several lyric books like: 'The Second Face, 'Ajna-The Book of Immortality' and 'Water &Earth”. This year she was awarded as 'Distinguished Visionary of the Year 2018' by the prestigious VedIQ Guild Foundation. In her spare time Anja loves to take long walks with her dog through the Bavarian countryside and listens to the voice of nature wherein everything else is included.
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