Ten Films To Look Forward To In 2013

2013 looks set to be another year when sequels and comic book movies dominate the box office. Shane Black is taking the director’s chair for Iron Man 3, which judging from the sneak peeks we’ve been given this year, looks set to be much darker than the first two instalments. Thor will also be returning to our screens in Thor: The Dark World, with Alan Taylor taking over Kenneth Branagh as director.

There are of course many other films that look very promising in the upcoming year. Here are my top ten films to watch out for in 2013:

10. A Good Day To Die Hard (Dir. John Moore): John McClane is back, for what looks like his riskiest movie outing yet. This fifth film in the franchise sees McClane leaving America for Russia, to help out his son Jack (Jai Courtney) who’s caught up in a terrorist plot. Considering the previous film fell short of many people’s expectations, it will be interesting to see if Bruce Willis and co. can pull this off. We’ll certainly enjoy watching them try.
Release date: 14th February

9. Pacific Rim (Dir. Guillermo del Toro): This is set to be Guillermo del Toro’s biggest film to date. Literally; it features 25-storey high robots (built and piloted by humans) and aliens. Del Toro has fought hard with the studio to make sure the 3D version of the film is immaculate. He’s supervising every single frame.
Release date: 12th July

8. Side Effects (Dir. Steven Soderbergh): This supposedly will be Soderbergh’s penultimate film before retirement. It’s a thriller set in the mist of the mood medication industry, starring Channing Tatum and Catherine-Zeta Jones. If it’s a success, it will certainly raise expectations for Soderbergh’s final film.
Release date: 15th March

7. Stoker (Dir. Park Chan-wook): This Gothic horror from Park Chan-wook, the director of Oldboy, is his first English-language film. It stars Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman, and is scripted by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller. He wrote the script under a pseudonym just in case no one liked it. If Chan-wook wants to make it his first English-language film, it must be good.
Release date: 1st March

6. Antiviral (Dir. Brandon Cronenberg): This will be the début feature from Brandon Cronenberg, son of David Cronenberg. It’s about a company the takes diseases from celebrities and injects them into paying customers. Talk about a chip off the old block.
Release date: 30th November

5. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (Dir. Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez): At last the long awaited sequel to Sin City has finally arrived. Although, since the first film’s release, two of the cast members (Brittany Murphy and Michael Clarke Duncan) have passed away, so their roles have been recast. Also expect a few new characters thrown into the mix.
Release date: 4th October

4. Byzantium (Dir. Neil Jordan): Jordan returns to making films about vampires. This time, Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan star in a dark and gory mother daughter story with a bit of, ahem, bite. Arterton has already revealed that earlier in 2012 during filming she was required to stand under a blood waterfall. Given Jordan’s eye for stunning visuals, it could be one of the best vampire films of recent years.
Release date: TBC

3. Calvary (Dir. John Michael McDonagh): The brother of Martin McDonach teams up with Brendan Gleeson for the second time, after John Michael’s hilarious début The Guard. This time he brings us a dark comedy about a priest trying to protect a small community when it’s threatened with murder. It’s a McDonagh film, so expect very dark humour, foul language, inappropriate gags, and for them all to be delivered with heart.
Release date: TBC

2. Trance (Dir. Danny Boyle): After his stunning opening ceremony at the Olympics, Danny Boyle returns to the director’s chair with a heist movie starring James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, and Roasrio Dawson. It’s about a con man who loses his memory, and can’t remember where he has hidden a very valuable painting. Expect realities to blur as Boyle messes with our minds.
Release date: 27th March

1. Star Trek: Into Darkness (Dir. J.J. Abrams): As always with an Abrams project, the plot to his Star Trek sequel is still under wraps. All we know is that Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing the villain, but he will not be the infamous bad guy Kahn. All we know is Abrams did a wonderful job re-introducing Star Trek to the cinema nearly four years ago. You can almost guarantee he’s going to take things to a new level. If the trailer below is anything to go by, it’s going to be darker and on a much bigger scale. Consider this the The Dark Knight of Star Trek movies.
Release date: 17th May

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