Take That Returns

Take That, reunited in their original line-up of for the first time since 1995 (with Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Robbie Williams) , are currently touring through Britain and their current tour “Progress” has reached Wembley Stadium. The statistic for this concert are eye-watering: 1.76 million tickets were sold, of which 1.36 million tickets were snapped up in the first 24 hours of the sale. This makes their tour the biggest tour of any pop band or pop star in British history. The tour costs a rumoured £15m and as an additional attraction, the Pet Shop Boys sing as a support band.

The atmosphere in the stadium was extremely energetic when I walked in with my friends. Huge masses of people populated the ranks and were waiting with anticipation for the concert to start. The Pet Shop Boys were embraced very warmly by the crowd and the people were singing along to their classic songs. They really got the people into the right mood. However, when Neil Tennant announced that Take That would come on stage soon, the crowd started to become extatic. A magnificent atmosphere!

Finally, a huge countdown appeared on a screen that was centred on the stage. The spectators counted down the last minute and then … Take That appeared. 

The concert was divided into three stages. Firstly, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Jason Orange appeared as a quartet. They very quickly announced that: “someone will join us later”. They performed some songs from their career as a quartet. After that, Robbie Williams appeared in a giant glass chariot and was welcomed by the crowd very warmly. He performed five songs of his solo career. Finally, all five members of the band appeared and started performing some of the newer songs from the new Progress album. The crowd was ecstatic! The band also sang some of their old hits, such as Back for Good. This really got the crowd going and some people indubitably started to reminisce about old times.

The whole show was loaded with special effects. Huge water fountains, elevating platforms, a glowing stage, dancing trees, roller-skating bees, ghost-like dancers and a huge caterpillar helped build up a very energetic atmosphere. A giant robot in the middle of the stage started moving during the second half of the concert. 

How long the reunion will last is uncertain. However, when the quintet sang Never Forget in front of the giant illuminated robot so tall it almost towered above the stadium, it almost felt like a mythical event.

This tour will certainly be one to be remembered by many people. Take That are reunited and their “group hug” towards the end of the performance marks unity. I am looking forward to seeing what happens to this famous pop quintet in the next few months and years.

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