Touche Éclat – New Shades for Every Complexion

City Connect brings you the latest news from the world of health & beauty. This month, we feature the UK’s number one luxury beauty product – TOUCHE ÉCLAT by Yves Saint Laurent. It has given the radiance of a star to complexions since its launch in 1992. This year, Yves Saint Laurent has added 3 new shades for darker complexions, making the miracle of TOUCHE ÉCLAT now attainable by even more women than ever before.

How many beauty products have truly stood out in the last 20 years? Changed women’s lives, become a timeless, top-reigning classic around the world, a light among lights?

Original, avant-garde, refined, TOUCHE ÉCLAT is one of them. When it was launched in 1992, this luxurious, skin-illuminating pen-brush revolutionized make-up. It was immediately a huge success, and everyone had to have it. The price of fame? You know it… no other product has been as copied, imitated, simulated. Who does it better than TOUCHE ÉCLAT? Try it, compare… the real magic is here.

Val Garland, Artistic Adviser for Yves Saint Laurent Make-up, says “TOUCHE ÉCLAT is the ultimate modern beauty tool. It’s a new make-up essential that chases away morning pallor, erases fatigue, and reveals inner radiance. It is ideal any time of day, on bare skin or over make-up”. Like many others, Val Garland is a fan of TOUCHE ÉCLAT. During the catwalk shows, she even uses this magic brush on its own to create make-up looks.

When applied beneath the eyes, TOUCHE ÉCLAT lightens dark circles. It can be used to lighten other drak zones such as those on the sides of the nose, at the corners of the mouth and over expression fine lines. TOUCHE ÉCLAT erases tiredness and catches the light to bring out skin’s natural radiance and give an instant blush of youth.

Apply it directly on the skin with the brush, before foundation or after. Tap lightly with the fingertips to blend, or put a bit on the back of your hand before applying it with fingertips where desired.

It has been the same from the very beginning; a winning formula of un-heard of texture that will not be changed. TOUCHE ÉCLAT will not be touched! Light, evanescent, with incredible finesse and ease of application, this magic chameleon fluid literally fuses with the skin, blending into moisturizing cream or make-up. Perfect for touch-ups throughout the day, even over foundation or powder, it does not get thick or leave a line.

AS FOR COLOUR, it’s impossible to go wrong. Seven shades are adapted to any complexion, from the palest to the darkest.

N° 1Luminous Radiance: the original highlighter for all complexions
N° 1.5Luminous Silk: for golden tones and oriental complexions
N° 2Luminous Ivory: for fair complexions with pink tones
N° 3Light Peach: for olive complexions
N° 5Luminous Honey: for light asian complexions
N° 6Luminous Amber: for darker asian complexions
N° 7Luminous Mocha: for afro-caribbean complexions

TOUCHE ÉCLAT can be used to highlight features by either being blended into the central zone of the face, the middle of the forehead or on the tip of the nose and chin It perfects skin texture and reveals the relief of the face with surprising results.

TOUCHE ÉCLAT definitely brightens your look. Melted into the eyelid, the arch of the eyebrows and/or the inside corner of the eye, it smoothes and unifies the epidermis. Used with eye shadows, it makes it more radiant and favours its hold.

A concealer? A corrector? TOUCHE ÉCLAT is much more than that. One could say it invented “anti-dull” cosmetics and launched a new generation of skin embellishers, emphasizing radiance over coverage. Closer to what women really need, more natural, it does not mask the skin but makes the complexion sublime.

Get instant results. You won’t see TOUCHE ÉCLAT on your skin, but you’ll see the light. Where does it come from? A unique complex called Luminocaptide, uniting cristalline and flaked micronized 9% concentrate pigments. Reflecting light in an optimal way, it “blurs” wrinkles and flaws, giving your face a luminous glow. Technical prowess that remains unequalled.

TOUCHE ÉCLAT also is able to plump lips. Redefining the contours of the lips with TOUCHE ÉCLAT makes the mouth more present, more glamorous, and more sensual.

TOUCHE ÉCLAT corrects mistakes like an eraser, allowing you to instantly rectify small smudges, smeared eyeshadow, runny lipstick. It conceals a discoloration, redness, and even a small blemish.

If women love TOUCHE ÉCLAT, it’s also for its softness and non-stop comfort. Thanks to its Humectine moisturizing and refreshing complex, it glides onto skin. The exclusive fibers of the bevelled brush caress and tease the epidermis. The privilege of great design houses…

TOUCHE ÉCLAT is a fantastic idea that is truly original. Click, press and the magic brush dispenses the perfect amount to brighten your face or make a small imperfection disappear. Chic, practical, beautiful, TOUCHE ÉCLAT goes everywhere you do without changing colour or showing wear and tear. Take it out and display it like you would a precious compact. It’s a gorgeous creation signed Yves Saint Laurent.

TOUCHE ÉCLAT has all the qualities of great artists who know how to last: elegance, intelligence, and simplicity. Like the gifted who work in silence, like stars who make a rare public appearance, TOUCHE ÉCLAT has kept silent for a long time. Today, it’s back in the spotlight with a new advertising visual in harmony with its image: pure, refined, timeless, discreet and sophisticated all at once.

Launched in 1992, TOUCHE ÉCLAT has never fallen from its pedestal. Still N°1 in sales at Yves Saint Laurent, it is sold somewhere in the world every ten seconds. And during the years, its list of fans has only gotten longer. Stars are loyal to it. Journalists rave about it before slipping it into their make-up case. Professional make-up artists rarely work without it, and there is not a television studio that does not have this golden pen as a staple. Even gentlemen whom we know to be demanding have adopted it, including certain very, very highly placed foreign politicians. But shhh, it’s a secret…

Get your pen of perfection now at Debenhams (£1 from the sale of this product will be donated to Breast Cancer Campaign) and other beauty counters nationwide – TOUCHE ÉCLAT costs only £24.50 – a small price to pay for something that will be the magic wand  in your make-up bag.

Images courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent