The Equalizer

The Equalizer - Film
The Equalizer stars Denzel Washington. It’s based on the TV series that starred Edward Woodward. The character of Robert McCall remains, however it appears to be a reboot. The basics of the TV show are followed, McCall helps those being bullied turn the tables.

McCall is moved to intervene when he sees a young girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) being controlled by her pimp. He doesn’t stop with her pimp but ends up targeting the whole gang involved. He’s a one man army whose boiling mad!

He goes all out to help her and it makes you wonder why he goes to such lengths. Is he helping her or satisfying a lust of violence and dispensing rough justice?

The trouble I had in watching this movie, was that it’s very samey to those Steven Segal film I had to endure years ago. Lots of fighting but you never quite knew why you were watching it. Late night channel surfing has drawbacks!

I missed Edward Woodward’s portrayal. This film was too modern and I didn’t like it. Denzel doesn’t suit a bald look either, he looked ill and hardly a threat. There wasn’t any pizzazz for me, nothing new. I really don’t know why they had to remake another 80s show.

It’s very difficult now for any vigilante theme as there’s so many contenders. You have the TV series Arrow and The Flash. The gadgets and fight scenes are so pumped up, it’s very difficult to do something new. The bar is high and this film did not deliver for me.

Dispensing justice has to be handled responsibly and you can’t really have someone who enjoys bashing the bad guys and blowing them up! Most heroes offer an ultimatum before annihilation! And not just once. This McCall was just as bad as the villains! How can you back someone like that and root for them?

I’m giving this 5/10. It was okay but so is a cheese sandwich. If a sequel gets made, let’s hope they make a CGI Edward Woodward – the REAL Equalizer!

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