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Kingsman Secret Service is another comic book adaptation but this is a clever way of introducing a new angle onto a ‘James Bond theme’. Secret Service films have a lot of pressure to be individual and not be compared with the mighty Bond.

I think this does this well. Gary Unwin ‘Eggsy’ (played by Taron Egerton) is enrolled into the secret service and trained to take down a terrible villain – with the usual mad plan for world domination!

Before he joins Gary is simply existing and life is very boring indeed. He has not stuck at jobs and doesn’t know what might fulfil him. When he gets into a big pickle he calls a number that’s on the back of a medal, that was given to him when he was little.

This is how he meets Hart aka Agent Galahad (Colin Firth) and gets involved in the service. He has to see off the competition in training and then there was two. He doesn’t secure the last place, Roxy (Sophie Cookson) does.

Interim the mad villain Valentine (Samuel L Jackson – Mac Windu!) steps up his plans. People get blown up. But Hart is made of sterner stuff, even when injured he’s still going!

But ultimately for Gary to be a true Kingsman, he’ll have to dig deep, suffer huge losses and tackle the formidable Valentine. The question is can he rise to the challenge?

This film packs a punch and breathes new life into a tried and tested formula. That’s no easy feat. All the cast gelled and the partnerships also made the film very enjoyable.

A few rough edges to smooth in the performances, but the bar has been set and I am hopeful there will be sequels!

8/10 from me. I’ve rarely been so surprised by a film and it’s nice to know you can never tell.

Taron has a very bright future ahead of him if the Kingsman films are made regularly (one very few years like Bond).

Colin proves he still has the magic touch by bringing another inspiring performance. He’s so different in everything he does.

And Samuel is always wonderful whether playing the good or bad guy.

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Captain America – The Winter Soldier

Captain America - The Winter Soldier
Captain America – Winter Soldier was an entertaining movie. It all began with a run in the park, meeting a paramedic. Playing catch up as Steve Rogers/Capt America (Chris Evans) can jog 33 miles in 13 minutes!

Steve has a list of things to do as he‘s been frozen for over 50 years! However, it isn’t long when he is called in for duty. A ship is going off course, it’s owned by his agency SHIELD. Have pirates invaded the ship? He doesn’t need a parachute and can jump from the plane to the ship, using his amazing shield to protect himself.
He’s teamed up with agent Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson). Who wants to find him a date.

A battle starts as they engage the enemies holding SHIELD personnel hostage. When Natasha uses the mission to download Intel off the ship’s computer than save hostages, Steve guesses something is up.

After a meeting with his boss, Steve meets up with his former sweetheart Peggy, who’s now an old woman. There’s an entire exhibition about Capt America and his old uniform is preserved. He sees pictures of his former best friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). He meets up with the paramedic he met at the park, who holds meetings for people to talk about their feelings.

Director Fury (Samuel L Jackson) looks into the matter Steve raised and asks for a Project Insight to be delayed, he’s soon targeted for assassination! He has a very cool van packed with some very cool technology!

Steve has a neighbour, who he fancies but the interlude is cut short. Director Fury is hiding out at Steve’s apartment! Before they can really talk, the flat is subject to gunfire. Director Fury is hit. He hands Steve a USB, tells him to trust no one. Steve’s neighbour breaks in and reveals she’s a SHEILD agent assigned to protect him. Steve goes after the hit man, who has a metal arm and wears some type of gas mask. After an epic fight, he escapes.

The Secretary of the State (Robert Redford) takes over the agency and when Steve won’t tell him what happened, he declares Captain America a threat, forcing him to go on the run and be a fugitive.

This movie packs a wallop and a half. Witty dialogue, surprise twist and great CGI. I just love all the actors in their roles and there’s no short of thrills. I love the banter between Steve and Natasha, and they have many good interactions.
The fight scenes were astounding. Natasha must have the coolest mobile phone! Moreover, one of the shock twists at the end was mind-blowing.

The only things I didn’t like was, it preachy at certain times.
Stockpiling weapons = fear.
Rich people = megalomaniac.

In addition, some of the twists do seem to be questioning the SHIELD agency itself. As there is a weekly TV series on called the Agents of SHEILD, casting shadows on the very organisation that powers this show, could cause damage.

Surely, the audience have to believe in SHIELD as our saviour that’s why it was created in the first place! The old adage of not befouling your own house springs to mind.

I’m giving this 8/10 as a result.

Spoiler alert!
(You have the see this movie just for Jenny Agutter’s fight scene!)

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