Film Review: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 stars the charming Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man/Tony Stark and the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts.

I actually only became interested in Iron Man through watching the Avengers Assemble last year. I love the Hulk so that’s why I watched that one. The trailers for Iron Man 1 and 2 did not interest me, a ‘smart mouth know it all’ didn’t seem much of a hero.

I have to admit I was wrong. Not only is this film great but 1 and 2 are on my shopping list. This role was made for Robert Downey Jr, he breezes onto the screen with such confidence and makes playing Iron Man a joy. I believe his hard path to stardom was all part of a journey to play this iconic character. He’s simply sizzles on the screen.

A marvellous character and although fast with the quips, he does show humanity – sometimes!

Now the real surprise was Guy Pearce, who remembers him as Mike from Aussie TV soap Neighbours? Jane Mangle’s boyfriend? What a blast from the past. He plays the latest threat to Tony Stark’s world. Not just because he fancies Pepper Potts but he could be the next big thing in business.

Another threat comes in the shape of a terrorist leader – The Mandarin. (played by Ben Kinglsey). Although the plot can’t change much for a superhero movie, it’s all about the delivery. This film was the pinnacle, as it was also about heart and what choices we make when the going gets tough.

The humour is ample, from Tony Stark putting on his suit to music, to using another remote controlled suit to talk to Pepper so he can tinker in the basement! There’s a lot of fun and banter. I love ‘Jarvis’ the computer who’s the thinker and Tony needs him more than he realises.

Tony has nightmares from what happened with the Avengers Assemble and can’t sleep, so he’s already stressed and is very obnoxious. His arrogance becomes his undoing when he gives out his address whilst on TV news! Oops!

An old girlfriend arrives which complicates things. What does the old girlfriend what? Now with his address known can he defend Pepper?

Another suit appears, this one used by the army. Iron Patriot is controlled by an old friend of Stark’s. The armour is the same but red, white and blue. But they’ll need more than their suits, they’ll also need all their wits about them as The Mandarin cranks up the pressure and soon they are defending the heart of America against an enemy that isn’t what he seems.

Excellent effort all around! Very impressive with lots of twists and turns. One thing Tony Stark said was very true, ’He is Iron Man!’

This gets 10/10 from me!

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