Power Questions

Part 1:

What would happen to me if I stopped judging other people?

There are many other such questions, though this is a good one to start with.

I still find myself judging others occasionally, though this now happens much less since I made a decision to focus more on my actions and less on the actions of others.

Every time we judge others we are projecting our beliefs on them. We don’t know the real reason why others act as they do. Upbringing and life experience moulds different people differently.

By judging others you judge yourself. By accepting that life is unpredictable and relatively short it is possible to spend more time thinking about how to make the most of YOUR life and less time thinking about how other’s could make the most of theirs.

Is it possible to go one day without judging anyone or anything?

What will your power question be today?

Part 2:

Ask yourself “Who do I have to forgive today to allow myself to be happier?”

Non-positive emotions towards others are not a productive way to spend your time or energy. Many people I have ever coached or spoken to about health issues, especially those who were admitted to hospital, have deep-rooted family anger.

For many years I shared this tendency. Family issues have been passed down for generations. Usually, the abuser has been abused and learnt the same unconscious behavioral patterns as the person who they blame the most. Consequently, through continued focus on the problem, they have become the problem and passed it on. I have watched many people die rather than change the pattern and their story.

Life will always present you with people who will blame you for things that they do not fully understand. By learning to forgive others you will learn to forgive yourself. From this place you will become empowered. EVERYTHING that happens to you can be used to do one of two things….

1. Create a story that places you as a victim and allows you to drain energy from yourself and anyone who is sympathetic or unfortunate enough to listen to it. or

2. Learn the lessons, move on and help and inspire others as you give them the positive energy of your insight.

I’m choosing to love every lesson that my family has ever taught and be happy that I am able to learn and grow from even the most challenging of circumstances.

You can do the same and Walk Innovation can show you how.

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