Lanc̫me РTeint Idole Ultra 24H

The new Lancôme foundation with an exceptional longwear formula featuring a unique heart-shaped flexible polymer for comfort.

18 shades to suit all skin tones from very pale to very dark

When it comes to foundation, women are constantly on the look out for the perfect formula. Lancôme is considered one of the world leading experts in foundation thanks to strong expertise in skin care and its constant innovation in colour technology. Since the launch of Teint Idole Hydra Compact in 1999, Lancôme Research has continued to draw from the very best of its scientific advances to push the frontiers of long-wear and comfort ever further and has now launched Teint Idole Ultra 24H.

Flawless yet comfortable from dawn till dusk, matte without looking powdery, high-coverage yet natural, Teint Idole Ultra 24H takes on every daily challenge.

After over 8 years of research, Lancôme introduce their new EternalSoft technology, for 24 hours of impeccable long-wear and 24 hours of tangible comfort. This patented technology gives rise to the one and only luxury foundation to offer 24-hour long-wear and comfort.

To date, the traditional polymers widely used in cosmetics have served to improve foundation long-wear, yet many have a negative impact on comfort. To ensure make-up stays true yet also light, Lancôme is incorporating a new type of polymer. At the heart of the new Teint Idole Ultra 24H formula is EternalSoft which is made up of a two-fold silicone and hydrocarbon structure. Composed of high-tech polymers, this specific structure offers enduring long-wear, and a make-up finish that leaves the skin feeling comfortable.

Lancôme has selected the most cutting-edge and high-efficacy active ingredients to support the effects of EternalSoft:

  • From 350 traditional ingredients, Lancôme picked Silica and Perlite for their absorbent properties and which are the basis of a velvety-matte complexion.
  • The formula’s colour is enriched with pigments whose coating demonstrates close affinity with skin, promoting perfect colour hold.
  • For the first time, the new polymer introduces non-volatile oils to the Teint Idole Ultra range, for even more comfort.


Tested by over 400 women in France and the United States, Teint Idole Ultra 24H has enjoyed unprecedented results. Never before has a long-wear foundation received such accolade.

98% feel the texture was comfortable all day long
95% find their complexion stayed perfect all day long
94% see a perfect matte finish
93% did not need to touch-up
Test carried out in France on 120 women.

Proven results, even after 24 hours:
Skin feels comfortable: 100% satisfaction
Complexion is perfect: 89% satisfaction
Stays flawless: 89% satisfaction
Tests carried out in USA on 109 women.

Teint Idole Ultra 24H, for a  flawless star complexion. Skin looks perfectly natural and feels fabulously comfortable for up to 24 hours.

Lanc̫me РVernis in Love

Lancôme’s new Vernis in Love range of striking nail colours reinvents nail polish application, making it simpler, faster and more stunning than ever. From chic neutrals to captivating brights – this wardrobe of colour can provide the ultimate accessory, the perfect finish to every look.

A patented brush with a grooved stem allows the nail polish to flow directly to the centre of the brush. An elongated and rounded base with extremely supple, flat bristles allows the nail contour to be perfectly followed and a uniform coat of varnish to be applied in just a single stroke. The fluid texture creates a smooth, streak-free finish and a flawless film of colour. Incredibly resistant for days on end, it is empowered with micro-mirrors which reflect light from every angle to create dazzling shine.

“The bottle is a fantastic shape and size which fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. The stem of the brush is the right length, which allows you enough time to place the brush into the bottle pick up your polish and apply it to the nail plate without it running down the stem causing drips and flooding the nail plate” 

Glenis Baptiste, Celebrity Manicurist

Available in 20 stunning shades, Vernis in Love is divided into three colour universes, capturing three different moments during the day:

All the beauty of an awakening dawn in Paris is captured in fresh and featherlight shades for luminous, natural colour.

Deep, vibrant and euphoric shades, perfect for early evening cocktails with friends.

A Parisian night, infused with promise, is mirrored by intense and magnetic shades.

Easy to apply and long lasting, Lancôme’s dazzling new nail colours are set to be this year’s most collectable items.

Fall in Love with Lanc̫me РRouge in Love

Rouge in Love – An instant must-have, an irresistible ‘pret a pouter’ lipstick

‘Rouge in Love was probably the product I was most excited about when I came on board to work with Lancôme because I think it’s one of the youngest products that Lancôme has created. I love all the shades: there are 24 different colours of this lipstick, which I thought was amazing. I’ve only just recently started wearing lipstick, so it’s very nice that this is coming out just at this moment, it’s the perfect timing.

I chose the colour that I wore in the shoots, and it’s my favourite colour, Rouge In Love 159B, which is a really bright red. It’s great because it’s a new take on a classic red which I absolutely love. There is a pigment in it which makes it really bright, so it really stands out. This is why it was the one I chose for the ad campaign, and it was definitely my favourite.’

– Emma Watson, Lancôme Ambassadress and face of Rouge In Love

The Product

As comforting as a balm, as colourful as a lipstick, Rouge in Love achieves the perfect balance. Radiant shades in an ultra light texture. Endless tailor made looks.

The texture melts on application, leaving an essential concentrate of colour on the lips. At the heart of Rouge in Love lies an exclusive ‘colour catching’ formula that forms a fine film on the surface of the lips on which pigments and satiny agents are captured. With stunning colour, enduring hydration for up to 6 hours and with striking shine, lips feel smooth and soft thanks to the nourishing and repairing oils.

A wardrobe for the lips, Rouge in Love is available in 24 captivating shades. Inspired by three different moments during the day of a modern, stylish woman, the range is divided into three categories:-

Light, sheer shades for an ultra-simple, bee stung effect. Easy to wear colours, pure, fresh and natural shades with a hint of tone on tone particles.

Punchy shades, electrified by contrasting silvery and white pearl particles, for the ultimate sophisticated lip look.

Seductive and magnetic shades are infused with golden pearl particles, for vibrant colour and intense shine.

Strikingly packaged, it nestles perfectly in the palm of the hand. Like a love note written in lipstick, the case features a mirror inscribed with Rouge in Love. Inspired by the intricate weave of couture stockings, the back of the case is marked with red top stitching. More than just a lipstick it is a true fashion accessory.


"Lancôme", "Mario Testino", "Emma Watson", "Rouge in Love"

It was perfectly natural that, after lending her charm to Tresor Midnight Rose, Emma Watson would become the ambassadress of Rouge in Love, not only becoming the face of the collection but also working closely with Lancôme on the shade range.

Emma has chosen her favourite shades from each colour universe. A beautiful morning with ‘Corail in Love’, a ‘Rose Boudoir’ afternoon spent with friends and an evening full of promise thanks to ‘Rose Sulfureuse’.

For those who long for gorgeous, kissable lips, Rouge in Love is destined to become a coveted item! Lips will shine like never before.

Rouge in Love is available nationwide at Lancôme beauty counters from 1st April 2012 priced at £21.