This is Where I Leave You

This Is Where I Leave You
This Is Where I Leave You is basically about family dynamics. From betrayals to secrets revealed. Judd Altman (Jason Bateman) not only has to contend with his cheating wife but his whole family when his father dies.

Their father requested in his will, his family live together for one week in the same house! Now there’s a challenge! What happens is a series of personal disasters as things they’ve been trying to keep secret, all come tumbling out.

This was okay, there were enjoyable moments. I think the cast worked reasonably well together. That being said, I think some things seem to be quite repetitive in American comedies. Drug use featured and I didn’t really how it was relevant.
Lesbians, punch-ups and the like, it’s almost like the writers can’t think of anything new.

Rather than the Brady Bunch, it was Kooky House Rules OK! Every cliché was run through the mill. There was more family affairs than you could shake a stick at. And I didn’t really get the bonding signal with the heads either. Did the writers come from Star Trek and think these oddballs were Klingon rejects?

Jane Fonda plays an unusual mother and I didn’t really get her at all. Instead of a direction, it was no direction. I was very disappointed in her role. I was expecting more from her. I recently saw her in another film Monster-in-Law. I thought she was much better in that.

Adam Driver continues to do projects that don’t really stretch his acting ability. A very lacklustre performance and if he’s not careful I might just go off him. He’s like the class clown, but you know there’s a brain in there somewhere and he do could do better. Very frustrating!

All I could possibly say, this is a very unique family and I think you’ll either like them or not!

It was okay but there could‘ve been more originality in the plot lines, a better main plot altogether, so I’ll give 6/10.

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