Film Review: This is the End

This is the End
This is the End tries very boldly to blend two very different styles together. Mad cap humour meets end of the world. Rather like chalk and cheese and this is the main problem the film has. Most would avoid contrasting themes but this offering ploughs on regardless and things just get lost.

One minute eternal doom and mayhem, followed by laughter then back to the explosions and more mayhem…

Rather like the new Battlestar Galatica – ‘EastEnders in Space’ but in an episode where Apollo would take a happy pill. “The Cylons are coming! We’re all gonna die! Yippee! Let’s ride a Viper! Wheeee!!!” Hmmm…

It was largely an excuse for Seth Rogen, James Franco and others to act stupid and get paid for the privilege. The scriptwriters must have declared a holiday for this picture and left it to the stars themselves to plot. You could see the gags coming a mile off.

Emma Watson, Channing Tatum, Rihanna plus Jason Segel make appearances and that annoying Jonah Hill who seems to be popping up everywhere like those annoying IKEA gnomes! Nearly everyone was trying to get their faces in. No wonder, they were getting paid lots to act stupid! Now why wasn’t this film listed in the job centres?

I remember a show years ago that was a BBC comedy, the first episode featured the death of a character. Hardly laughing material and it was done in a way that was crass and very unfunny. Death might be a funny thing, but it has to be handled correctly.

I hated Dumb and Dumber but that leaps ahead of this effort. But for me I was more disappointed by James Franco. Once again he chooses a vehicle that doesn’t show off his talents. From the greatest film of all ‘Rise of the Apes’ to this??? He is very good but his current choice of roles is pause for concern.

Lacking in any style and plot, it was just a series of mismatched apocalypse style sketch scenes. This might work on programmes such as The Fast Show or The Peep show but as a big film it’s just awful. I was cringing.

Although many will like the silly gags, Rogen’s facial expressions and debauchery. I for one like something solid in my choices. It was a like a rebel without a clue. I’m amazed at some of the positive reviews I’ve read about this. I’m like – say what?

For me, this is one show I would ask for a refund if it were possible. Only 1/10 from me. If I want to see a bunch of people acting stupid I know where I can do that for free!

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