Pregnant and on the Pull

Proactive or Perverse? There seems to be a rise in the amount of pregnancy dating sites now broadcast on the internet.  It seems to be the next trending thing on the market.  No longer are pregnant singles content with being left to sit with buckets of ice cream and cankle city.  They are out there looking for love with Mr Right or Mr Right Now.  The sites are quite open and explain how wonderful it is to be pregnant and what a special time this is for you and your baby.  They explain how difficult it can be to meet people whilst your pregnant and this site will help you do that.  Whether it’s a baby daddy your after or something a bit more casual then these sites are geared towards that.  They are just like regular dating sites but designed specifically for pregnant women.

Now personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to date if you are pregnant, you still have the same desires and needs as a non-pregnant woman.  What does worry me is the type of clientèle which might be inclined to use these sites.  Men who specifically want to date pregnant women, is slightly too fetish like for me.  The men who are trawling these sites are specifically looking for pregnant women.  This is much different than meeting a woman in a bar/café and then finding out she is pregnant.  Being pregnant and single I would worry me that the men on these sites were specifically turned on by my precious baby bump.  Some men are only going to be interested or turned on while your getting bigger.  Happy to sleep with you all the time you’re pregnant and then have no interest in you once the baby is here and you are bump-less.  What would also concern me is that another man is happy to have sex with a woman who has already been impregnated by another man.  It all feels a little bit too sordid for my liking.


However of course there is always a flip side to any argument.  There are some men on the site who genuinely want to meet pregnant women because they are ready for a family.  It maybe that they have not have had any luck dating non pregnant women in the past.  It may be that they are looking for a ready-made family and are more than happy to bring up another man’s child (before he or she has even been born).  The benefits of meeting someone who is already pregnant is that you don’t need to date them for a year and then wait another year for them to get pregnant and have the child.  As a man you may be more than happy to have the ready-made family, especially if you are a little bit older and time is not on your side.

I can’t imagine this is an ideal situation for anyone, I can’t imagine anyone would want to be pregnant and single.  Being pregnant is such a wonderful time and ideally would be shared with a partner.  However not everyone is that fortunate to have that in their lives, relationships break down or pregnancy happens after a one night encounter.  These dating sites are designed to offer a solution for these pregnant women.  It’s never going to be easy trying to date as a pregnant woman, trying to detract the genuine nice guys from the freaks who just want to grab your bump and leave you once the baby actually gets here.

It’s something that’s becoming more and more socially apt, the dating sites have proved that.  I’m not sure it’s something I would delve into if I was in that situation.  I would be personally be too worried about my prospective dates intentions.  I think it’s easy enough to put dating on hold for a few months while you’re harbouring a child and just to concentrate on giving your child a good home while he or she is growing inside you.  And who wants to do a first date sober anyway.

Restricting Internet Porn

‘There’s no point in closing the stable door after the horse has bolted!’  I hear some of you shout incredulously. Well let me put it another way for you in a form of a question:

Would you let your 12 year old child sit down in the living room and let them watch hardcore porn on your TV?

‘No of course not!’ I hear you shout indignantly. Welcome to 2012, where your child can access adult material via any device connected to the internet. Shocked?… Well then, we need to find some way of getting that horse back into the stable or at the very least in the controlled environment of the paddock.

I’m not going to discuss if porn itself should be banned, that’s for another time. I’m going to discuss the access to porn on the internet by the under 18s. Only a complete imbecile would say that a child viewing porn at an early age would not have a detrimental effect on their behaviour and actions. It obviously does and so we will take that as a given. The question is how do we protect them from it?

Some sites have a pathetic ‘confirm you are over 18’ confirmation click in order to view any form of content considered over 18. The majority of sites don’t even bother to have this. I’m sure you know this is completely ineffective and just the website owners covering themselves legally. A pretty weak legally required responsibility don’t you think?

Today, the majority of children are far more tech savvy than their parents and can run rings around them, so it is quite easy for them to access adult material if they want to. A recent Ofcom study showed that 91% of children live in a house with access to the internet. That’s fine I hear you say, the parent would be able to control them. The survey goes on to say that only half of parents of children aged 5-15 supervised the child’s internet use.  They, perhaps quite understandably do not see the danger, as when they were younger they had a computer. Me too, it was an Acorn Electron and if you got it to play Snakes you were doing well. It didn’t even display anything near a photo. Relying on parents to control a child’s internet access is flawed. Even the best parent in the world would struggle. Three million 8-15 year old have a Smartphone, which also gives access to the internet, so unless that child lives in a Mormon household, there’s the opportunity and curiosity for them to easily view adult material.

It’s normal for most young children to have access to a computer, their own computer or a phone  which has access to the internet. Fifteen to twenty years ago this was unthinkable and reported on programmes like Tomorrows World. (Yes I remember it, I am that old) but it’s completely natural and normal in today’s society to access information anywhere, anytime.  Just as years ago there was a debate whether children should have a TV in their bedroom, so the debate is with PC’s today. However this is not the same argument. A TV gives access to many channels, SKY etc  which not only a parent can control by ‘parental control’ functions on the freeview box,  but also these channels are regulated so that adult content is shown only after the watershed or PIN protected. As long as a parent activates these controls, the child is protected from this passive form of media. With the internet however, things are very different. There are millions of ‘channels’ available with no watershed or parental controls.

Firstly, I have to say that I think  that the internet is perhaps one of the best inventions of the 21st century, revolutionising civilisation. It gives you access to the entire world’s history, information and connection to many people, all from the comfort of your armchair. That is miraculous and amazing.

The downside is it gives you access to the whole world’s entire history, information and connection to many people, all from the comfort of your armchair without a filter. Just as the internet holds a repository of the very best of human civilisation, society and achievement, it also holds the very very worst, which we’ve all seen reported in the press all too frequently, relating to content such as paedophiles, suicide sites and a new breed of internet user the ‘troll’ who comments on social network sites. So what do we do to stop this?

The exponential growth of the internet caught governments and organisations by surprise. Times changed very quickly and the very core in the way in which we view information changed forever. Now each country has been quickly trying to play catch up to implement new laws to control this ever since with triage plasters and duct tape law.  The police recently raided the homes of a huge paedophile ring. It won’t shock anyone that the internet and technology played a big part in this group’s activities.  The police are doing the best they can but are fire fighting at the moment, similar to the governments frantic introduction of new laws. We need proper all encompassing laws relating directly the internet. There should be no objection to putting a form of control on the internet to protect young children, not just from pornography but all the dimly lit parts of the internet.

The more liberal among you might say that the internet should remain completely free of control or censorship. Some of the ISP’s and search engines back this argument perhaps because any change would involve a hefty cost for them to implement and affect their bottom line. (Do they tell you how much they make in advertising revenue from this content?) But this isn’t a ‘freedom for the individual issue’ It is about protecting the young and vulnerable. I think protection of children trumps the usual rolled out blanket ‘freedom’ argument. If an adult wants to view adult material on the internet, as long as they are over 18 and the content is legal then its their choice. That access would not change. There might be additional controls and settings that need to be selected  but they won’t be stopped viewing it.

Let nobody be in any doubt, it is completely possible to restrict and control the content of the internet to prevent children viewing pornographic content. The internet in its basic form is 1’s and 0s,  computer code and that code can be changed, added to and re-written.

There are many different methods of putting these controls into place. I won’t go into them in any detail, as I do not want to be the cause of you slipping into a deep sleep or coma but these controls/filters can be implemented at many points in the internet machine :

By ISP’s at the source; by search engines and their displayed results; by browsers restricting the webpages they display; by  additional control programs installed on the PC and mobile, an OPT-IN process with proof of age on websites with adult content…to name but a few methods. It could be that the solution will be a combination of all of them.

It is entirely possible to do this and it can be done, it just depends on the will of the people to get it done. Continuing my stable door analogy at the beginning, we must bring that horse back willingly to the stable, if possible but forcefully back if necessary.

Is it going to be a simple process? No. Is it going to be a difficult, lengthy (meaning government consultation) costly process for all parties involved. Yes it is. But if done right it will protect children from the dangers of the internet while still allowing them access to its immense wealth of knowledge. So even if it is a costly process, isn’t it a price worth paying? They are only children at the moment but if they are subjected to the dark side of the internet at an early age, what kind of adults will they grow up to be and what kind of society will that create?

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How To Design A Website

If you are considering a website then you may wish to as part of your business growth strategy dedicate time to considering the importance and value of Search Engine Optimisation or – SEO as it is called. Whether you are an already established business or just starting up with your first website in order to compete with your competitors you will have to find ways to increase your websites appearance in your visitors website results. When it comes to SEO you have seed choices and options you can choose to decide on.

website designJust as vital as choosing the right Web Designer for your business you need to also think carefully about the placement and punctuation of your website text. With appropriate keywords awarded due attention in every section of your website from your About Us page through to your Product and Services pages you will have done yourself a great service by creating a solid foundation for creating effective Search Engine Optimisation.

Having a qualified Consultant who specialises in sophisticated and complex website construction to assist you with your search engine ranking by advising on actual website content is sensible. This method is cost effective as well as popular as the Consultant supports you every step of the way and their support helps you to avoid costly errors later.

Your keywords should be thought of as search terms- essential words that symbolise the ‘key’ to unblocking your business potential and as such be strategically selected and placed in correct positioning throughout your site, especially in your page header and title tag. If you struggle with writing or do not have the time to be creative there are many good professional Copywriters that your Web Designer can recommend to make the process easier and pain free.

Another strategy that will ensure that your SEO effects are successful and will help build traffic to your site is the integration of internal links and creating a sitemap which will assist visitors to link all the other pages on your site. Using clear keywords is the golden key to search friendly URLS. With web visitors leading such busy lives you do not want to run the risk of losing them to other better organised sites by creating off putting and overcomplicated URLS.

The aim for your website needs to be to try and get your site on the Google and Bing search pages as high as possible and this will depend on the descriptive power of your text words and content as well as the element of social media distribution as you need to be circulating links to important social networking platforms.

The most effective sites for users are those that include regularly updated well written and essential information regarding offered products, treatments, services and topics that contain keywords.

As good business relationships are the best way to boost direct traffic to your site you may want to consider asking Webmasters of respected sites if you can link with them and vice versa. Avoid ‘link-farms’ whose professional groupings may interfere with your business reputation as quantity in such cases do not equal quality for you as a business. You should only consider approaching partners who have an excellent trusted web-reputation.

Good Luck.

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