Can Rutaesomn Decaf Your Body?

The makers of the product commented below and also emailed me some of their studies. They say: “Regarding the dose, our target was to be safe as well as effective. We did an internal review of all the available studies and combined them with our own studies on human liver … Continue reading

Insomnia – Coping Strategies

London Life Coach & Wellbeing Consultant Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks about insomnia. Follow Sloan on Twitter @SloanSW_London and check out Sloan’s website My clients often complain that they are unable to sleep and that their GP has suggested tablets for their ‘condition’. This sometimes works but can lead to other … Continue reading

The Relationship Between Snoring and Insomnia

You lay there night after night with your pillow wrapped around your head, listening to yet another night filled with the loud bed-rattling sound coming from the person laying next to you. You know that you are going to have yet another sleepless night. So you reach over and nudge … Continue reading