Five Easy Ways to Revamp Your Home

There comes a point when most people want their home to have a completely new look, but it is not always the case that there is a lot of time or money to spend on achieving this objective.  There are, however, a number of easy things that homeowners can do to give their home a new look without breaking the bank.


A new colour 

Those who have walls that are painted can give a room a new look in a matter of hours with the help of a pot of paint.  A room can be given a fresh, light look with a lighter shade or made to feel cosier with a warmer shade.  If this sounds like too big a job then opt for a feature wall – choose one wall to be a different colour than the rest and this will help it to stand out.

New furniture

Replacing furniture can be expensive but it is not necessarily the case that all of the furniture will need to be replaced.  One good quality piece of furniture can make all the difference.  Black sofas can really feature positively in a room, particularly if other furniture is kept neutral.  If the budget does not stretch to a room full of new furniture, revamp the existing items.  Give wooden furniture a coat of paint for a new look and make use of throws for old chairs.


A new look can also be achieved by changing some of the room’s main accessories.  These can be just a few that are part of a matching set, such as lampshades, curtains, throws and cushion covers, in order to give the style of the room some continuity.  If the budget only stretches to one standout piece then a rug is a good option.  A good quality rug will last for years and can be chosen in a contrast shade to the rest of the decor.

Dressing the windows

In many cases it is the windows that are left until last but it is possible just to change the way the windows are dressed.  Simple curtains can be replaced for blinds or even window shutters to give the room a very classic style.  Shutters have the advantage of being practical as well as stylish.

Choose a style

Giving any room a whole new look could mean deciding on a new style for the decor.  There are several popular looks around at the moment although personal preference should always come first.  It may be that the homeowner prefers a minimalist style for the home but this is not always the most practical for a family.  Alternatively there are vintage chic, country and designer chic styles that can be incorporated into almost any room.  The rooms can then be planned accordingly with the time and budget available.

With achieving a new look for a room it is important to balance what is wanted with what can be afforded.  Not everyone wants to spend hours on redecoration either, so small and easy changes such as these are perfect for making a difference and giving the home a whole new lease of life.

Buyers Guide: Loveliness at EMU

City Connect has the pleasure to announce that EMU, the new Cambridge-based home accessories company, has launched its online shop – – ready for the summer. Read their press release below.

A fresh approach
EMU is an exciting new Cambridge-based company, selling an enticing range of beautiful home accessories, stylish gifts and shabby chic furniture. The EMU message is pure and simple: they sell ‘lovely things’ at affordable prices. EMU sells these ‘lovely things’ at local markets in Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire; at two retail outlets: Swan Antiques, Interiors & Gardens, Hemel Hempstead and The Barn, Kneesworth; and now online at

Who are EMU?
EMU is a creative retail partnership between husband and wife team Kevin and Jenni – each bringing their design and innovation experience from their previous careers in the hospitality sector and publishing industry, respectively. Their passion for the “lovely things” in life (they love to drink tea from china cups, whilst dipping into a good book) has evolved from furnishing their own home – blending their favourite design styles with “upcycled loveliness” – into creating EMU, a true source of loveliness for all styles of home.

Make yourself at home
EMU aims to ‘fill your home with loveliness’ by offering an eclectic and visually interesting mix of home accessories, from the popular ‘shabby chic’ range, such as French-style photo frames, hearts and hooks, through to coastal, Indian and Moroccan-themed products, such as shaker-style wooden signs, Indian hanging elephants and coloured glass lanterns. With its core values rooted in interior design, EMU successfully pairs French-style hanging hearts with vintage fine bone china cake plates and colourful Indian footstools.

Form and function
EMU’s range of home and garden furniture strikes a harmonious balance between new and ‘upcycled’ pieces that complement old and new house styles alike. A rather special addition to EMU’s products is its ‘upcycled’ range: lovingly restored and refurbished key furniture items ranging from unique plant stands to kitchen tables and country farmhouse dressers. A Loire-style dressing table sits effortlessly alongside a Gustavian chic console bench and a beautiful rustic potting bench. EMU offers unique design statements to suit every style of home, from bedsit to mansion. EMU values every customer and goes out of its way to provide friendly and professional service – whether customers buy online, over the phone, at the market or from the EMU shops.

Fair’s fair
EMU’s commitment to the WFTO’s values is visible through its carefully selected range of Fair Trade products, handmade in India by workers’ co-operatives. The money made by the co-operatives goes towards developing clean water projects, building local education centres and providing family clothing for the poorest workers.

Here in the east
After the success of local fairs and events this summer at Newmarket, Grantchester and Cambridge Town & Country, EMU attracted a huge amount of local shoppers, who have gone on to enjoy buying unusual gifts, home accessories and furniture at local markets (Hitchin and Royston). More fairs are lined up in the autumn and winter, including the Gransden Agricultural Show and Knebworth’s Christmas fair.

Just a click away
EMU has now launched its fully functional online shop – – where customers can find the complete range of EMU furniture, including the ‘upcycled’ range, plus all EMU’s stunningly gorgeous gifts and home accessories. And the good news is: the delivery charge is low for small orders, making EMU the perfect way to fill your home with loveliness.

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