Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Trends

The bright colours we have seen over the summer  have cooled down for winter and designers  have created new trademarks that are unleashing into the retail stores as we speak. The development of winter pastels have caught the attention of many to keep this winter sweet, while daring biker coats are available to look like a snug rebel this winter. There is something for everybody this winter, and these are just small examples of the autumn/winter trends.

Oh so Velvet! There is something about velvet that reminds us all of winter. Perhaps its the thickness of the fabric that warms us up when we wear it, or the luminosity it brings when it is exposed to the winter light, that reminds us of the festivities that happen during this season. Velvet is already a rich fabric so it’s best worn to a minimum-one item of clothing within your outfit is enough  to create that all winter outfit. To avoid the velvet piece from clashing with the rest of the outfit, try to choose similar colours or compliment with minimalistic colours such as black, navy blue or white. Topshop’s lookbook is a great example to show us how to wear velvet in style.

Clash of the Tartans Just like Velvet, tartan can be overwhelming when deciding how much is too much. With this trend it’s all about being able to complement the material- as tartan checkers range from soft to bold. The most common colour with tartan is red to act as a signal to Christmas. Don’t be afraid to mix checkers together as this creates a modern look- so long as they are the same colours or same texture. To create an effortless look, simple colours such as navy blue, wine red, black and white will do the trick.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s 2011 collection proves to still be in trend with his use of soft tartan material

Faithful Fur 

Fur will always continue to be a winter accessory and is manipulated in forms to keep up with the trends including a fur handbag  or it can be simply be worn as a hat or coat. The best thing about fur is that it is now affordable and with the right eye for quality it can still give you the same warming effect without stretching your pockets. Nothing spells cosy like a fur hat or headband. It is the best accessory to have especially if your constantly on the go- and they have become more inexpensive as well as warmer! Price ranges from £7.00 and vary in the length of the fur. Fur coats can stretch your pockets a bit but they are worth it. It’s best to save up and buy after Christmas as the weather usually becomes more cold around that time.

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