False Eyelashes: Fake It To Make It

False eyelashes is like clothing for the eyes it can enhance and widen the eyes so much, but if worn incorrectly or too many pairs will be extremely bold and a little OTT.

Strip eyelashes are the ones that are, well, the strip kind and these are the most commonly used false eyelash product, and surprisingly come in so many different varieties from natural to disco-fever, and when I say that I mean I own a few pairs of gold falsies! Always feel free to experiment and have a gander at what’s around, if you really look around – chances are you will find what you’re looking for. Prices of these can range from £1.99 – £10.00+ and my advice is if you’re looking for a standard natural pair, try looking at drug-store (Superdrug or Boots) brands (collection 2000 etc.) as they usually do their own and it’s a lot cheaper! Also look out for deals, usually you can collect bargains on eccentric styled lashes because they are harder to sell!

Individual lashes are more a product that’s used for weddings and special occasions, probably due to the time and effort to apply, not to mention that super strong adhesive you need! They are used loads by beauticians, and is one thing we trained with whilst doing beauty therapy. These come in the bog-standard naturals and vary in shape – small, medium and large so you can apply all around the eye effectively. These do give a much more of a natural look and are a closer alternative to eye-lash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic procedure made to last for a longer period of time than that of the other types, they can last up to months! They are a time-consuming process that must be applied by a professional, it is your choice where to get these procedures done but please take into consideration that one case went to a non-professional in a shopping centre and they used super-glue which almost blinded the client and they had to have their lashes cut off! Not ideal just before a wedding. The eye-lash extensions are a fabulous go-to for holidays or just if you want a break from all that curling and mascara applying, this is something I would love to try one-day as I think it looks stunning!

With false eyelashes, strip and individual, you can curl and I would advise you to apply mascara to blend the natural lashes with the false for a more natural look, clear, brown or black mascara is your choice for whatever type you have on! The lash adhesive available is also quite mixed, I love ones where you can apply to the lash with a tiny brush (remember to keep products like this clean and what your applying to clean) my reason for this is that’s the main style I’ve used for years and I like the control, the one I currently use a lot is the latex-free lash glue by DUO, it dries clear and also makes my life a lot easier if anyone was to have a latex-allergy! To test if you have one do a patch test on the bend of the arm or behind the ear and wait up to 24hrs, a reaction will usually be instant.

There are also lash glues in tube form and that’s the most common I find, just remember to squeeze the tube very lightly as it comes out quite quick! Some lash glues are black so match the eye-liner and to make application ‘easier’, I have not actually ever used this type but I hear it is effective. Try to avoid the little applicators that come with the eyelashes because they are a bit pants, sometimes they’re okay but it is easier for you to purchase a separate adhesive.

For individual lashes you usually use a stronger glue, this is so the tiny delicate few lashes will stay on better, this glue isn’t good to use for strip lashes, as it’s a strong glue in larger amounts will make the eyes water, and you don’t want to ruin that make-up! Remember if you get any in your eyes – remove immediately!

Image reproduced from capitalhairandbeauty.co.uk, gigibeauty.com, eyelashextensionshq.com and pauls-hair-world.co.uk

Mylash: Grow Longer Thicker Lashes in 12 Weeks

Now I had the shortest lashes on the planet and trying to find a mascara that actually works in aiding my pain has been a life long ambition, Every singe new mascara or lash fibre product that comes out I rush out and purchase in the hope that this one will give me lashes I have always wanted. Sadly all this has done has made my wallet lighter and a little more disappointed every time. Until now… MyLash is a prescription only product that is a miracle in a little bottle.

I am going to share with you my lash journey from day one right though to the 12 week period that they suggest you use daily at night time for the best results and after that use every 2 days to have lasting effects. This product is not cheap and I was kindly sent a sample to try. I can tell you Im so impressed already and I think this has to be one of the best beauty products ever developed. So ladies here are the pictures of my lashes from week 1 to week 12.

The active ingredients of this product is bimatoprost which is a prostamide agonist. This means that it activates receptors of hair growth cycle. Using this product you increase the positive signals to the hair cycle and in turn increasing the rate of growth.

My lashes used to be short and stumpy

My lashes used to be short and stumpy

My lashes as you can see they used to be short and stumpy.

I really hated my lashes and have never had long luscious ones and I never thought I ever would.

Week 4 - amazing results already

Mylash at Week 4

This was week 4 above and I’m seeing great results.

Mylash at Week 6

Mylash at Week 6

Week 6 above and you can see viable results already! With one eye coated with 2 coats of mascara with NO fibres!!

Mylash at Week 7

Mylash at Week 7

Can you imagine my excitement and happiness at week 7!! They are amazing…. Outstanding visible results. Pictured above with just one coat of mascara.

Mylash at Week 12

Mylash at Week 12

MyLash week 12 with one coat of mascara. AMAZING!!!!!! I am so happy. This product works. Hands down. Proof is in my pictures. No other product has ever helped me.

Here is how to apply your MyLash

Choose a time of day to apply your treatment. Most people apply Mylash at night before they go to bed. This allows them to integrate Mylash into their daily routine. Try to apply Mylash at the same time every day. Remove all of your makeup by cleaning the area. If you use any makeup remover then wait until this has dried before proceeding.

Take an applicator and apply the smallest amount of fluid possible to the tip. The product is very potent and a small amount is all that is needed. Applying a large amount each time or applying it more than once a day will not give you better results – it will just make you run out quicker!

The best way to transfer a small amount from the bottle to the applicator is to hold the bottle upside down or at a downwards angle. This will cause a droplet to appear at the nozzle without having to squeeze the bottle. Take an applicator and touch the tip onto the droplet. This will cause a small amount of fluid to transfer to the applicator. This will be enough to do one complete lash line.

Apply the liquid to the skin at the base of the eyelashes, moving from one end of the lash line to the other.

Most people apply the treatment to the top and bottom lash line, giving a total of 4 transfers of fluid from the bottle to the applicator.

Many people find that the bottom lash line doesn’t need as much fluid to cover the complete line and use the excess on any points on their eyebrow that they wish to thicken

Don’t apply the product more often than once a day. You will not achieve better results and the growth will not be faster.

Have patience – the growth cycle for an eyelash hair is between 12 to 16 weeks so the best results can take months. The first results will be visible within 4 to 6 weeks but persistence is the key to the best results.

Most people find that one bottle will last 3 to 4 months. After 4 months, when the eyelash hair cycle is complete, you can drop down to applying the product every second day. This will maintain your eyelashes at their peak length and make all subsequent bottles last longer.

Take a picture of your eyelashes before you start and after your third month – you will be delighted with the results.

* If you ever run low on applicators then they will send you more free of charge.

Here is the link to the consultation page

Totally worth the money at around £100, its not the cheapest way to get amazing lashes but its by far the best! I’m hooked. One bottle should last the 3/4 months initial growth period and then you would only need to purchase 2 bottles a year thereafter. I bet I have spent much more on silly expensive branded mascaras that don’t do a thing!