TV- Penny Dreadful: “Demimonde”- Perhaps this show has some bite after all

Reeve Carney as the immortal hedonist, Dorian Gray Demimonde, the fourth episode of Penny Dreadful is an improvement over the somewhat monotonous third instalment. More information is revealed about the show’s main characters and the overall story arc, and there are some fantastically eerie moments that should spook and amuse … Continue reading

TV- Penny Dreadful: “What Death Can Join Together”- A monstrous indulgence

The Master… ? As the finale draws ever closer, the events of Penny Dreadful become increasingly hectic and unpredictable. What Death Can Join Together brings back the shows’ main characters after the “prequel” episode Closer Than Sisters. Sir Malcolm’s (Timothy Dalton) pursuit of his vampire daughter finally culminates as a … Continue reading

TV- Penny Dreadful: “Closer Than Sisters”- A Powerful Prequel

Eva Green in one of her best performances. The creators of Penny Dreadful seem to relish the conventions of the supernatural procedural drama. The show is something of a love letter, not just to the Gothic literature that inspired it, but to older supernatural-themed shows like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer … Continue reading

TV- Penny Dreadful: “Resurrection”- A Stitched-Together mess of an episode

Rory Kinnear as the Frankenstein Monster, Caliban. The third episode of Penny Dreadful, Resurrection, lacks the frantic pace of the first episode and the melodramatic fun of the second episode. The show continues to be one of the most interesting things currently airing, but the third episode undeniably dips in … Continue reading

Penny Dreadful:- “Night Work”

The show has already succeeded in making vampires scary again. If one was to judge Penny Dreadful on its premise alone, it would appear to be generic in the extreme. Since the days of The Twilight Zone, the genre of supernatural horror has served as the basis for many popular … Continue reading