Editor’s Choice – Healthy Drinks

After the ever changing health drinks craze, we at City Connect decided to try a few to give our personal opinions on what works for us.

Alan drew the short straw and was designated the beautifully coloured but not so appetising Beetroot Juice. He has suggested by mixing it with carrot juice, this nitrate-rich scarlet coloured juice drink begins to taste far more palatable. The University of Exeter has shown that the juice potentially boosts exercise stamina by up to 16%, with further research from the US stating that it improves brain function and in later life can even reduce the effects or onset of dementia. Alan’s overall opinion was that his energy level increased, that he was hesitant to comment on brain function but that he also lost a few pounds as an added bonus. Alan recommends vegetable juices in general as a good source of antioxidants without the need for an added intake of sugar as with the fruit juices.

Sloan was faced with a far sexier sounding drink in the form of Acai Juice pronounced Ah-sigh-ee. She recommends this Brazilian berry for both its taste and antioxidant properties. The University of Florida, USA has suggested this berry is a cancer fighting product and although Sloan couldn’t comment on its long term effects on that front she did say her skin felt and looked healthy with a radiant glow after her trial week. The US Department of Agriculture has also suggested this juice to combat mental decline. Sloan also noted an improvement in fatigue levels and an increase in efficiency at work after only one week so reports are good. She added she was glad she got the Acai drink over the Beetroot and thinks that it is a good alternative if sugar is not a factor.

Paul who is a lover of teas in general anyway chose Green Tea as his drink of choice to rival any juice. It contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which also is rated high on the list for high anti-oxidant levels and dementia prevention properties. In addition it has been found to lower blood pressure and cholesterol all the while fighting disorders such as glaucoma and even protecting joint cartilage. Paul a keen gym goer did report that Green Tea was an amazing drink that helped increase his energy levels and more importantly improve cognition. He suggests it is indeed the best of the three especially in winter. See Paul’s article on Green Tea versus Coffee for more information.

Other suggestions from our Editors include

-Cocount Water
-Soya Milk
-Pomegranate Juice
-Aloe Vera Juice
-Concentrated Cherry Juice

If you have any other juices/drinks you would like to comment on, please do so below. We would be interested to hear your comments.

Image reproduced from: http://www.telegraph.co.uk