Dylan O’Brien: Hollywood’s Next Big Thing?

Dylan O'Brien Image reproduced from wikimedia.org

Dylan O’Brien

Prior to this year, actor Dylan O’Brien was relativity unknown. He’s been in acting circuit for just two years, starring in independent films such as High Road and The First Time. However he is best known for his role as Stiles Stilinski, the sidekick in the popular MTV series Teen Wolf.

As the show entered it’s third season its popularity sky-rocketed. A bigger production budget has brought the programme to a wider audience and O’Brien’s show stealing performances have caught the attention of fans and the industry alike. Already he has had a cameo appearance in hit television show, New Girl, which has had success in both America and the UK. He also plays a supporting role in the internationally released film, The Internship which was released in July of this year. Now after bagging the main role of Thomas in The Maze Runner, set to be the next Hunger Games, it’s clear that O’Brien is going places.

O'Brien in The Maze Runner Image reproduced from MTV.com

O’Brien in The Maze Runner

However he’s not made it yet. Though his performance in The Maze Runner has the potential of allowing him to break into Hollywood, many young actors like O’Brien get lost in the wayside. The film is to be directed by Wes Ball, whose previously only worked with film shorts. The rest of the cast is also made up of newcomers, like O’Brien, though known actors Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones) and Will Poulter (Chronicles of Narnia) are among the mix. Due to this inexperience, the film’s success will depend heavily on it’s marketing. Yet with Twentieth Century Fox as it’s production company, things are likely to go well. O’Brien’s loyalty to Teen Wolf is another possible obstacle in his career. With Stiles being a central character to the story there is no doubt that they will want him to remain for future seasons.

Regardless of opposing factors, O’Brien is clearly a talented actor. Whilst on Teen Wolf, he’s brought a level of complexity to his character which easily outshines the performances of his co-stars. He also fits well into the typecast of ‘loveable dork’ a seemingly growing trend in Hollywood films. Time will tell if The Maze Runner will bring him to the mainstream market, but for now, Dylan O’Brien is certainly one to watch.

Images reproduced from wikimedia.org and MTV.com