Dry Mouth Disappears With Biotène

Millions of people suffer the unpleasant and damaging side effect of dry mouth. This condition arises for a number of reasons such as diabetes, Sjögren’s Syndrome, cancer and radiotherapy.

However the most common cause of dry mouth by far is as a side effect of medication – older people are more likely to suffer dry mouth as they tend to take several medications at the same time.

Dry mouth is a condition that reduces the flow of saliva to the mouth which leaves the person’s mouth feeling dry and uncomfortable. The lack of lubrication in the mouth can make talking and eating difficult. Salivary enzymes protect the delicate oral tissues and teeth from bacterial infection and atmospheric chemicals which cause oral damage. People suffering from dry mouth therefore could have an increased risk of infection.

However, many people with dry mouth do not realise that they are only ever a few minutes away from a solution. Most branches of Boots (click here for Store Locator) stock the Biotène range of dental products specifically designed for people with dry mouth. The Biotène range consists of a toothpaste, mouthwash and oral gel which are all specially formulated and clinically proven to provide dry mouth relief. Biotène has been created by the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline so you can be reassured that the product is from a name you can trust. The Biotène range can provide relief to those affected by mild, moderate or severe dry mouth.

Biotène toothpaste is a gentle and low foaming fluoride toothpaste which supplements the saliva’s natural defences and also strengthens teeth. It contains a triple enzyme complex which contains lysozyme, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase – these enzymes are found naturally in saliva. Moisturising polymers contained in the toothpaste also provide additional comfort which gives the confidence to get on with your day and talk, eat and enjoy life without being held back by a dry mouth.

Using Biotène toothpaste not only provides relief from the feeling of dry mouth but also helps people with a dry mouth to maintain good oral hygiene, reduce the risk of cavities and in addition its mint flavoured formula helps prevent bad breath. Biotène toothpaste can be used twice a day like a regular toothpaste but can be used up to four times a day if necessary to combat the feeling of dry mouth. It is recommended that Biotène toothpaste is used in conjunction with Biotène Oralbalance Gel.

Biotène Oralbalance Gel is an easy-to-use saliva replacement gel can be used throughout the day when the mouth begins to feel dry. The gel can be discretely applied to the gums and the special formula gets to work straight away to gently increase the amount of saliva in the mouth resulting in immediate relief from a dry mouth.

Biotène Oralbalance Gel also contains the same triple enzyme complex found in the toothpaste which can supplement your saliva’s natural defences which will help maintain the oral environment and provide protection against dry mouth. The pleasant tasting gel provides long lasting relief from dry mouth and also soothes minor irritations and burning sensations thus providing protection to oral tissues.

The third and final product in the range is Biotène Moisturising Mouthwash. It contains the same triple enzyme system of lysozyme, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase and so provides the same dry mouth relief offered by both the Biotène toothpaste and Oralbalance Gel. Unlike many alcohol-containing mouthwashes on the market which leave a burning sensation, Biotène Moisturising Mouthwash is alcohol-free meaning that it’s gentle on the delicate oral tissues and makes it pleasant to use.

The best way to combat the damaging and unpleasant effects of dry mouth is to use the above three products throughout the day as recommended below:-

Morning РBrush teeth with Biot̬ne toothpaste before breakfast. After breakfast rinse and gargle with Biot̬ne Moisturising Mouthwash.

Mealtimes РWhen finding it difficult to swallow at mealtimes, apply Biot̬ne Oralbalance Gel to lubricate your mouth before you eat. Having finished your lunch, use Biot̬ne Moisturising Mouthwash to help keep you mouth moist and comfortable.

Bedtime РUsing all three products will help keep your mouth moist during the night. First brush with Biot̬ne toothpaste for 2 minutes. Then use Biot̬ne Moisturising Mouthwash to refresh the mouth. Follow this with an application of Biot̬ne Oralbalance Gel to give you long lasting moisturisation at night by stimulating salivary glands to produce the moisture you are lacking.

There are a number of things you can do to alleviate symptoms if you suffer from dry mouth:-

  • Sip water or sugar-free drinks throughout the day
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks which tend to dry out the mouth
  • Chew sugar-free chewing gum during the day to stimulate saliva flow in the mouth
  • Tobacco has a drying effect so reduce or stop smoking
  • Try using a humidifier at night to keep the air full of moisture

Check out the Boots website or your local branch of Boots to purchase the Biotène range and see your dry mouth disappear!.

Images reproduced from biotene.eu