The Dinosaur Project

OH… MY… GOD… (As Janice from Friends would say).

To warn anyone who actually might want to watch this, I’ll quote Dr Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park II to flag a warning. “ Watch out, this is going to be bad!”

For something that’s billed as THE best dinosaur movie since Jurassic Park, I was expecting much more than this film delivered.

This TV Movie of an ill fated expedition into the Congo, does not do the team any justice. The acting was something like Prisoner Cell Block H, but whilst that iconic prison show was good because it was bad – this offering was just bad.

I do understand budget restraints aren’t the same as Jurassic Park, as a TV Movie they wouldn‘t get millions for CGI nor would it have Spielberg’s clout. However you can manage your money.

The dinosaurs were a total let down from beginning to end. There’s no point in investing what little money you have in CGI if you give them no personality or quirks! They just roared and behaved as if they had permanent PMS. Also it did little to the debate whether primitive man and dinsouars had lived together.

One big problem with this movie is the cast. The lack of any big names should have hinted how bad it was going to be. You’re supposed to want the team to survive, I found myself cheering for the dinosaurs!

Richard Dillane played the main hero but he tried too hard to be like Alan Grant from Jurassic Park. The film lacked any originality and if you’re going to emulate a movie like Jurassic Park, you have to deliver.

It begged the question why most of the money went on the CGI? There was not much spent on the writing! The script was poor with simplistic dialogue that weakened the whole adventure. I think even kids would struggle to be entertained by this. I nearly fell asleep during one lull.

Another big plot hole was one ‘schizoid’ dinosaur who thinks they’re Lassie the dog! What??? That was weird! And no, that doesn’t count as a personality but a shortcut!

I’ve seen some howlers in my time, but this one takes the biscuit. From what could’ve been a great adventure, the choices made pushed this in the wrong direction. As a result I’m only giving this 1/10. The real life team must be annoyed!

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