Get Cheeky With Blusher

Blusher is a less is more product, main use to give your face a bit more life and a fresher appearance, if you over-do it you will look like you’ve rolled around in your make-up bag.

You can get a variety of finishes and types of blush, from powder to cream – don’t forget to keep that blusher brush clean as you’re going over the same part of your face (possibly daily) and if you wonder why your skin breaks out it could be a need to clean your blusher brush.

You can apply blush and bronzer, mainly powder with a simple angled brush, preferably sized between a big eyeshadow brush and a powder brush, the angled brush can give you a great contoured effect on the cheek-bone because it is angled slightly and you really blend out the product neater and apply it better, I would say that an angled brush is perfect for highlighting and shading the face – you can apply down the sides of the nose, forehead, chin and cheekbones to give that (forgive me as I know it sounds ridiculous) ‘dimensional’ look.

Bronzer usually goes all over the face for a sun-kissed look, and blush is kept on the cheek-bone or apples of cheek, depending on face-shape – or your preference. Bronzer mainly comes in a shimmer finish, contouring powder comes in matte (so it doesn’t attract the light, making features thinner) and blushers come in shimmer, matte, glitter and finish, I personally think glitter blush should be kept for fun events as the glitter specs look like enlarged pores, matte blush can sometimes look chalky but can look really natural too, darker skins should make sure there’s no chalk in it so it doesn’t give a dull look on application, shimmer suits pretty much all skins – gives a glow too, powder blush comes in a wide variety of colours, from neon to the palest peach.

You can get blush in the form of a cheek-stain, these ‘stains’ are a great product they give long-lasting colour – I guess hence the name, ‘stain’, usually in blood red and shocking pink – the colour should dilute a lot when applied on the skin and definitely use sparingly! Gently apply and blend with the ring finger, try to avoid touching your face repeatedly with the applicator in the bottle, the stain works very fast so please make sure to give it a test-run if you’re new to the product. Stains usually are just applied on the apples of the cheeks. This applies really well on normal, combination and mature skins.

Creme blushers are like the happy medium between a stain and powder, it’s easier to apply than a stain but isn’t as easy to apply than a powder, this is also great for a dewy complexion and really only on the apples of the cheeks, you can slightly extend up the cheek-bone – more-so than with a stain, mainly because you have more control over application. Colours come in a slightly wider variety than the stain, and more to suit darker skin tones too, these apply really well to mature or dry skin because it’s more of an emollient than a powder blush that may go chalky.

Highlighters come in powder, liquid and creme form, and possibly other new forms I am unaware of, however, these are the ones I have used – my favorite to use is a creamy liquid, these types give the best dewy glow and fresh appearance – best applied on the cheek-bone and brow-bone. Powder high-light comes in matte and shimmer – best for the brow-bone, I would say matte highlight is best in theatre/stage conditions for areas like the cheek-bone as it’s not the most natural for day looks. Highlight usually has flesh-tone colours mixed with the ‘white’ because it comes across a lot more natural than bright white applied onto the skin.

I want to keep this as rule-free as possible and let you have a play about with the different types available, I mix and match mainly between powder blush and contouring but I do love to use stains and creme blushers, I just can’t use these kinds daily because the product builds up on my skin and just can’t ‘handle’ a daily application.

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Mariska Veres wearing eyeliner to great effect

Eyeliners are one of those products that can complete or completely ruin a make-up look. They are available in such a wide range of types and styles – it’s a product worth experimenting with, anyone can wear them, I would say the only market not suited for them would be children.

Glitter eyeliners usually come in ‘different colours’ – this is actually what fools a lot of people, the base of most glitter liners is actually clear and the glitter has the pigment. What gives you the best colour pay off would be to apply it over a coloured eyeliner or eyeshadow and layer the product if you can. Urban Decay did make great thick glitter liners, however, they now test on animals so I’m on a new product search. Barry M also do great glitter eyeliners – the glitter is smaller in their tubes.

Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliners

Colour liquid liners are a fun, funky and fab product. They can be used to make the eyes pop or really going OTT. Usually the consistency is a thick liquid and is often quite difficult to remove – which is great in terms of staying power but if you make a mistake it might mess up your look, so keep the eyes closed for a few minutes after application so it doesn’t print on the eye lid.

Liquid eyeliners for ‘everyday’ use (black or brown) are made by possibly every make-up company out there and must be one of the most used make-up products ever! The brushes can range from foam tip to a brush but the best kind to use for most control would be a firm short foam tip or brush simply because with a longer brush you don’t have the same amount of control and it’s more likely for the brush to go all over the place.

Kohl pencil eyeliners (also known as Kajal) have a little longer staying power than the average black eyeliners. Some people in the Western world have concerns about it because of its lead content but Kohl pencils in the UK do not contain lead. If you purchase a kajal pencil from overseas it might contain lead, I have some from Pakistan and they are absolutely fine for me. This type is used a lot by males, and is most popular in the East and usage dates back to 3100 BC when one of its uses were as a protectant – either from the sun or the ‘evil eye’, rather than as a cosmetic item.

Stila Smudge Pot Gel Eyeliner

Gel liners are a great product if you have a steady hand. You apply the gel eye liner with a very dense angled short-haired brush, this gives you the most control. They don’t yet come in every colour under the sun but this is the most ideal product for black eye liner as it lasts a very long time, doesn’t smudge easily and has more control on application, it is also a little easier to remove if you make a mistake as opposed to using a thick liquid black eyeliner. Also like the coloured liquid eyeliners, you should ideally leave your eye closed to wait for it to dry otherwise it will print and smudge, and it is always harder to remove those mistakes, and just saves time to allow it to dry.

Pencil eyeliners were once the popular choice. I remember being at school and the girls solely using pencil. These are great to line the rim of the eyes. Use white or a pale flesh tone to open the eyes and make them look bigger or use black for the smouldering smokey look. These are also available in a wide range of colours but I feel if you want the best colour pay-off and longer wear you should use the liquid ones and stick to using pencil liners for the common colours like black, white and greys as I think it’s better to invest in really good coloured liquid eye-liners. I personally find that pencil colours are not as strong and do not last even half as long as liquid colour eyeliner.

I use all kinds of eyeliners and love to experiment with each type however I mainly use the gel eyeliners at the moment because they really last a lot longer and I can do detailed flicks better with these kinds.

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Lanc̫me РTeint Idole Ultra 24H

The new Lancôme foundation with an exceptional longwear formula featuring a unique heart-shaped flexible polymer for comfort.

18 shades to suit all skin tones from very pale to very dark

When it comes to foundation, women are constantly on the look out for the perfect formula. Lancôme is considered one of the world leading experts in foundation thanks to strong expertise in skin care and its constant innovation in colour technology. Since the launch of Teint Idole Hydra Compact in 1999, Lancôme Research has continued to draw from the very best of its scientific advances to push the frontiers of long-wear and comfort ever further and has now launched Teint Idole Ultra 24H.

Flawless yet comfortable from dawn till dusk, matte without looking powdery, high-coverage yet natural, Teint Idole Ultra 24H takes on every daily challenge.

After over 8 years of research, Lancôme introduce their new EternalSoft technology, for 24 hours of impeccable long-wear and 24 hours of tangible comfort. This patented technology gives rise to the one and only luxury foundation to offer 24-hour long-wear and comfort.

To date, the traditional polymers widely used in cosmetics have served to improve foundation long-wear, yet many have a negative impact on comfort. To ensure make-up stays true yet also light, Lancôme is incorporating a new type of polymer. At the heart of the new Teint Idole Ultra 24H formula is EternalSoft which is made up of a two-fold silicone and hydrocarbon structure. Composed of high-tech polymers, this specific structure offers enduring long-wear, and a make-up finish that leaves the skin feeling comfortable.

Lancôme has selected the most cutting-edge and high-efficacy active ingredients to support the effects of EternalSoft:

  • From 350 traditional ingredients, Lancôme picked Silica and Perlite for their absorbent properties and which are the basis of a velvety-matte complexion.
  • The formula’s colour is enriched with pigments whose coating demonstrates close affinity with skin, promoting perfect colour hold.
  • For the first time, the new polymer introduces non-volatile oils to the Teint Idole Ultra range, for even more comfort.


Tested by over 400 women in France and the United States, Teint Idole Ultra 24H has enjoyed unprecedented results. Never before has a long-wear foundation received such accolade.

98% feel the texture was comfortable all day long
95% find their complexion stayed perfect all day long
94% see a perfect matte finish
93% did not need to touch-up
Test carried out in France on 120 women.

Proven results, even after 24 hours:
Skin feels comfortable: 100% satisfaction
Complexion is perfect: 89% satisfaction
Stays flawless: 89% satisfaction
Tests carried out in USA on 109 women.

Teint Idole Ultra 24H, for a  flawless star complexion. Skin looks perfectly natural and feels fabulously comfortable for up to 24 hours.

Lanc̫me РVernis in Love

Lancôme’s new Vernis in Love range of striking nail colours reinvents nail polish application, making it simpler, faster and more stunning than ever. From chic neutrals to captivating brights – this wardrobe of colour can provide the ultimate accessory, the perfect finish to every look.

A patented brush with a grooved stem allows the nail polish to flow directly to the centre of the brush. An elongated and rounded base with extremely supple, flat bristles allows the nail contour to be perfectly followed and a uniform coat of varnish to be applied in just a single stroke. The fluid texture creates a smooth, streak-free finish and a flawless film of colour. Incredibly resistant for days on end, it is empowered with micro-mirrors which reflect light from every angle to create dazzling shine.

“The bottle is a fantastic shape and size which fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. The stem of the brush is the right length, which allows you enough time to place the brush into the bottle pick up your polish and apply it to the nail plate without it running down the stem causing drips and flooding the nail plate” 

Glenis Baptiste, Celebrity Manicurist

Available in 20 stunning shades, Vernis in Love is divided into three colour universes, capturing three different moments during the day:

All the beauty of an awakening dawn in Paris is captured in fresh and featherlight shades for luminous, natural colour.

Deep, vibrant and euphoric shades, perfect for early evening cocktails with friends.

A Parisian night, infused with promise, is mirrored by intense and magnetic shades.

Easy to apply and long lasting, Lancôme’s dazzling new nail colours are set to be this year’s most collectable items.

Fall in Love with Lanc̫me РRouge in Love

Rouge in Love – An instant must-have, an irresistible ‘pret a pouter’ lipstick

‘Rouge in Love was probably the product I was most excited about when I came on board to work with Lancôme because I think it’s one of the youngest products that Lancôme has created. I love all the shades: there are 24 different colours of this lipstick, which I thought was amazing. I’ve only just recently started wearing lipstick, so it’s very nice that this is coming out just at this moment, it’s the perfect timing.

I chose the colour that I wore in the shoots, and it’s my favourite colour, Rouge In Love 159B, which is a really bright red. It’s great because it’s a new take on a classic red which I absolutely love. There is a pigment in it which makes it really bright, so it really stands out. This is why it was the one I chose for the ad campaign, and it was definitely my favourite.’

– Emma Watson, Lancôme Ambassadress and face of Rouge In Love

The Product

As comforting as a balm, as colourful as a lipstick, Rouge in Love achieves the perfect balance. Radiant shades in an ultra light texture. Endless tailor made looks.

The texture melts on application, leaving an essential concentrate of colour on the lips. At the heart of Rouge in Love lies an exclusive ‘colour catching’ formula that forms a fine film on the surface of the lips on which pigments and satiny agents are captured. With stunning colour, enduring hydration for up to 6 hours and with striking shine, lips feel smooth and soft thanks to the nourishing and repairing oils.

A wardrobe for the lips, Rouge in Love is available in 24 captivating shades. Inspired by three different moments during the day of a modern, stylish woman, the range is divided into three categories:-

Light, sheer shades for an ultra-simple, bee stung effect. Easy to wear colours, pure, fresh and natural shades with a hint of tone on tone particles.

Punchy shades, electrified by contrasting silvery and white pearl particles, for the ultimate sophisticated lip look.

Seductive and magnetic shades are infused with golden pearl particles, for vibrant colour and intense shine.

Strikingly packaged, it nestles perfectly in the palm of the hand. Like a love note written in lipstick, the case features a mirror inscribed with Rouge in Love. Inspired by the intricate weave of couture stockings, the back of the case is marked with red top stitching. More than just a lipstick it is a true fashion accessory.


"Lancôme", "Mario Testino", "Emma Watson", "Rouge in Love"

It was perfectly natural that, after lending her charm to Tresor Midnight Rose, Emma Watson would become the ambassadress of Rouge in Love, not only becoming the face of the collection but also working closely with Lancôme on the shade range.

Emma has chosen her favourite shades from each colour universe. A beautiful morning with ‘Corail in Love’, a ‘Rose Boudoir’ afternoon spent with friends and an evening full of promise thanks to ‘Rose Sulfureuse’.

For those who long for gorgeous, kissable lips, Rouge in Love is destined to become a coveted item! Lips will shine like never before.

Rouge in Love is available nationwide at Lancôme beauty counters from 1st April 2012 priced at £21.

Touche Éclat – New Shades for Every Complexion

City Connect brings you the latest news from the world of health & beauty. This month, we feature the UK’s number one luxury beauty product – TOUCHE ÉCLAT by Yves Saint Laurent. It has given the radiance of a star to complexions since its launch in 1992. This year, Yves Saint Laurent has added 3 new shades for darker complexions, making the miracle of TOUCHE ÉCLAT now attainable by even more women than ever before.

How many beauty products have truly stood out in the last 20 years? Changed women’s lives, become a timeless, top-reigning classic around the world, a light among lights?

Original, avant-garde, refined, TOUCHE ÉCLAT is one of them. When it was launched in 1992, this luxurious, skin-illuminating pen-brush revolutionized make-up. It was immediately a huge success, and everyone had to have it. The price of fame? You know it… no other product has been as copied, imitated, simulated. Who does it better than TOUCHE ÉCLAT? Try it, compare… the real magic is here.

Val Garland, Artistic Adviser for Yves Saint Laurent Make-up, says “TOUCHE ÉCLAT is the ultimate modern beauty tool. It’s a new make-up essential that chases away morning pallor, erases fatigue, and reveals inner radiance. It is ideal any time of day, on bare skin or over make-up”. Like many others, Val Garland is a fan of TOUCHE ÉCLAT. During the catwalk shows, she even uses this magic brush on its own to create make-up looks.

When applied beneath the eyes, TOUCHE ÉCLAT lightens dark circles. It can be used to lighten other drak zones such as those on the sides of the nose, at the corners of the mouth and over expression fine lines. TOUCHE ÉCLAT erases tiredness and catches the light to bring out skin’s natural radiance and give an instant blush of youth.

Apply it directly on the skin with the brush, before foundation or after. Tap lightly with the fingertips to blend, or put a bit on the back of your hand before applying it with fingertips where desired.

It has been the same from the very beginning; a winning formula of un-heard of texture that will not be changed. TOUCHE ÉCLAT will not be touched! Light, evanescent, with incredible finesse and ease of application, this magic chameleon fluid literally fuses with the skin, blending into moisturizing cream or make-up. Perfect for touch-ups throughout the day, even over foundation or powder, it does not get thick or leave a line.

AS FOR COLOUR, it’s impossible to go wrong. Seven shades are adapted to any complexion, from the palest to the darkest.

N° 1Luminous Radiance: the original highlighter for all complexions
N° 1.5Luminous Silk: for golden tones and oriental complexions
N° 2Luminous Ivory: for fair complexions with pink tones
N° 3Light Peach: for olive complexions
N° 5Luminous Honey: for light asian complexions
N° 6Luminous Amber: for darker asian complexions
N° 7Luminous Mocha: for afro-caribbean complexions

TOUCHE ÉCLAT can be used to highlight features by either being blended into the central zone of the face, the middle of the forehead or on the tip of the nose and chin It perfects skin texture and reveals the relief of the face with surprising results.

TOUCHE ÉCLAT definitely brightens your look. Melted into the eyelid, the arch of the eyebrows and/or the inside corner of the eye, it smoothes and unifies the epidermis. Used with eye shadows, it makes it more radiant and favours its hold.

A concealer? A corrector? TOUCHE ÉCLAT is much more than that. One could say it invented “anti-dull” cosmetics and launched a new generation of skin embellishers, emphasizing radiance over coverage. Closer to what women really need, more natural, it does not mask the skin but makes the complexion sublime.

Get instant results. You won’t see TOUCHE ÉCLAT on your skin, but you’ll see the light. Where does it come from? A unique complex called Luminocaptide, uniting cristalline and flaked micronized 9% concentrate pigments. Reflecting light in an optimal way, it “blurs” wrinkles and flaws, giving your face a luminous glow. Technical prowess that remains unequalled.

TOUCHE ÉCLAT also is able to plump lips. Redefining the contours of the lips with TOUCHE ÉCLAT makes the mouth more present, more glamorous, and more sensual.

TOUCHE ÉCLAT corrects mistakes like an eraser, allowing you to instantly rectify small smudges, smeared eyeshadow, runny lipstick. It conceals a discoloration, redness, and even a small blemish.

If women love TOUCHE ÉCLAT, it’s also for its softness and non-stop comfort. Thanks to its Humectine moisturizing and refreshing complex, it glides onto skin. The exclusive fibers of the bevelled brush caress and tease the epidermis. The privilege of great design houses…

TOUCHE ÉCLAT is a fantastic idea that is truly original. Click, press and the magic brush dispenses the perfect amount to brighten your face or make a small imperfection disappear. Chic, practical, beautiful, TOUCHE ÉCLAT goes everywhere you do without changing colour or showing wear and tear. Take it out and display it like you would a precious compact. It’s a gorgeous creation signed Yves Saint Laurent.

TOUCHE ÉCLAT has all the qualities of great artists who know how to last: elegance, intelligence, and simplicity. Like the gifted who work in silence, like stars who make a rare public appearance, TOUCHE ÉCLAT has kept silent for a long time. Today, it’s back in the spotlight with a new advertising visual in harmony with its image: pure, refined, timeless, discreet and sophisticated all at once.

Launched in 1992, TOUCHE ÉCLAT has never fallen from its pedestal. Still N°1 in sales at Yves Saint Laurent, it is sold somewhere in the world every ten seconds. And during the years, its list of fans has only gotten longer. Stars are loyal to it. Journalists rave about it before slipping it into their make-up case. Professional make-up artists rarely work without it, and there is not a television studio that does not have this golden pen as a staple. Even gentlemen whom we know to be demanding have adopted it, including certain very, very highly placed foreign politicians. But shhh, it’s a secret…

Get your pen of perfection now at Debenhams (£1 from the sale of this product will be donated to Breast Cancer Campaign) and other beauty counters nationwide – TOUCHE ÉCLAT costs only £24.50 – a small price to pay for something that will be the magic wand  in your make-up bag.

Images courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent