Untold Story by Monica Ali

London Life Coach & Relationship Expert Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks about Princess Diana and the new book by Monica Ali. Follow Sloan Life Coach on Twitter @SloanSW_London and check out Sloan’s Life Coaching website www.sloansw.com

What with the Royal Wedding coming up so soon, one could argue that this is either the perfect or most inappropriate time to release Untold Story. Monica Ali’s new novel is no doubt going to be a hot topic for debate even for those who are not the fashionistas of the world, because of the similarities between her lead character to one of Britain’s most treasured. Having said that, it would be remiss to just focus on the potential contraversy as the book itself is well written and a great escape.

The premise is loosely based on what could have happened, had we not tragically lost one of the nation’s most beloved Princesses. The book jacket queries – “What if Princess Diana hadn’t died?” and although we are reassured that Monica’s latest fiction is indeed just that just fiction and has no place nor making an attempt to be as an autobiography had Diana lived, the story begins with many a coincidental likeness to that of Princess Di.

Monica herself is an Oxford Graduate and has displayed her intellect on these pages. The clever plot adaptations and obvious research that has gone into her book is apparent. Whether the book itself will gain attention for its cleverly drafted script or more for the notoriety remains yet to be seen.

The books press release describes the work as follows – “Untold Story is a novel about family and friendship, intrigue and obsession, the meaning of identity, and the peculiar calamity of fame.”

Although I have read reviews from men stating that there was more than a dash of feminine past times as alien to them as mani-pedis, to me part of the charm of this novel is how the main protagonist survives without her children (after faking her own death) and the story that subsequently unfolds. Friendship and trust clearly play key issues in a world where entitlement, intrigue and demand have been exposed for their true nature.

This book is a good read and will keep you turning the page right until the end.

You can buy this book from Amazon UK or any other good book shop.