Green Tea Versus Coffee

Antioxidants A scientific term, that is now frequently discussed in popular literature, is the term of antioxidants. Many articles have mentioned that antioxidants can be found in berries, beverages and now even antioxidant food supplements exist. Before discussing antioxidants in conjunction with green tea or coffee, I would like to explain what … Continue reading

How to Break Up with Your Barista

City Connect brings you our latest article from Adrian Fernand – Australia’s most stylish agony uncle and etiquette guru. This time Adrian shares his personal views about the coffee scene in his hometown of Melbourne. Check out Adrian’s previous articles here. When travelling abroad frequently, one tends to make sacrifices—economy … Continue reading

Buyers Guide: First Class Cuppa

The Stamp Collection is the chic creation of Gift Republic, a multi award-winning gift company who produce mugs bearing designs using iconic Royal Mail stamps. This is the ideal gift if you’re looking for something quirky and unusual for a friend or loved one. They look so beautiful that it’ll be … Continue reading