Film Review – The Vow

This week, film critic Louis Maurati reviews “The Vow”.

The Vow follows the story of Paige (Rachel McAdams), a young woman who is drawn into a coma after a freak car accident with her husband Leo (Channing Tatum). Upon awakening, she is left with amnesia of the last years of her life, including any recollections of her life with Leo.

Having remembered most of her life before Leo, Paige regroups and clings to those who she thinks that were most dear to her – her family and old friends. All the while, she attempts to find some clarity in her relationship with Leo, but frustration on both ends lead to a demise in their relationship.

Leo’s love for Paige is pure and undying and he eventually lets her go to find her way back to him. Tatum’s performance is quiet and powerful. McAdams conveys her usual subtle loveliness that audiences adore her for.  The onscreen chemistry between McAdams and Tatum is quite strong, reminiscent of McAdams chemistry with Ryan Gosling in the critically acclaimed film The Notebook. On the downside, this film does have several flaws.

It’s attempt at humour comes up dry in several places and some of the secondary characters in the film are painfully underdeveloped. Overall, the film gets the job done and will draw in viewers with it’s attractive cast and story, but it won’t be receiving any accolades by critics abroad. If you are looking for a fun night in the cinema and are the emotional type that likes to shed a tear or two, The Vow is worth the outing.

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