8 Ways to Get to the Bottom of Cellulite

How many times do you look in the mirror and pick up on those dimply thighs and that wobbly bottom? Don’t you just hate it and wish it was not there?

There has always been a debate whether or not cellulite exists but if you suffer from the orange peel effect on your bottom, thighs or even your tummy area, you will quickly realise that it does exist.

What causes the lumpy effect is a fat and toxin build up just below the surface of the skin and sometimes genetics have a say in the matter.

There is however something you can do to help break down those stubborn fat and toxin deposits and help reduce the appearance of this somewhat annoying dimply effect.

Here are 8 simple ways to try and get rid this unsightly enemy:-

1. Exercise not only will burn off that excess fat that can cause cellulite, it also increases the blood flow and it plumps up the skin making it less noticeable (you don’t see many athletes with it). To combat it I do jogging /squats and skipping on a spot with a rope – no costly gym memberships involved.

2. Eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables as these foods are low in toxins.

3. Cut out caffeine, nicotine and alcohol as these are extremely high in toxins

4. Body brush with a spa brush making sure you always brush upward towards the heart. This speeds up the lymphatic system which removes unwanted toxins in the body. You can also use a gritty exfoliator to remove dead skin cells on surface of the skin which in turn will really improve skin tone as well.

5. Massage is a MUST along with body brushing. Use a body moisturiser or massage oil and massage movements upwards towards the heart. With both hands pick up a section of thigh like a pinching effect starting from the outside of the thigh and gently squeeze then slowly roll down with your thumbs. Do this all over the thigh. Using your knuckles in a fist, gently make circular movements making sure you always have enough oil or moisturiser so skin does not dry out. Do this massage as a daily routine but if you find you don’t have the time every day then make sure after your evening bath you massage moisturiser into the skin on legs and thighs. Just by massaging the cream in you’re helping break down fatty deposits without even trying.

6. Always keep skin moisturised around these areas mentioned, it will give your skin a much better appearance and try not to have too hot a bath as heat dehydrates the skin..

7. A salon massage is a great way to expel unwanted toxins from the body and reduces build-up. It is also a fantastic way to promote a feel good factor within yourself – so treat yourself now and again.

8. Invest in a good self tan product as tanned skin will make your dimply bits less noticeable.

We all want to have a great body shape but remember most photos you see of celebs have been airbrushed, tweaked and enhanced so don’t be disheartened. There is never a quick fix to any beauty solution and nobody has the perfect body. Be thankful for what nature has given you but it is down to you to look after yourself so go on and give it all a go, you have nothing to lose except for the dimply bits!