Outspoken Delivery Expands Bicycle Fleet

Innovative Cambridge cycle courier company Outspoken Delivery has expanded its fleet of delivery bicycles. The first of three new Cycles Maximus trikes capable of carrying up to 250kg of cargo will shortly be seen delivering to parts of Cambridge city centre which vans and lorries cannot easily access.

Outspoken are a lead partner in an EU sponsored initiative to develop and promote the movement of goods by bike and funding from the CYCLELogistics project have been used to finance the introduction of the new trikes. The three year, EU project, CYCLE Logistics, aims to achieve a significant reduction in energy use for urban freight transport through delivery of goods by bicycle rather than vans.

Deliveries to the inner Cambridge city area can be a problem for delivery companies who do not have a local depot, as the city centre is not accessible between 10am and 4pm.  Under the proposed initiative, delivery companies will be able to drop their items at the Outspoken depot, just off Newmarket Road, and the trikes will be used for the final mile delivery throughout the day.

Rob King, founder of Outspoken Delivery said: “The introduction of these high capacity trikes will enable us to expand the business into next day delivery and we are already in discussions with a number of national courier companies about final mile deliveries in Cambridge City centre.”

The first trike has already been tested helping with deliveries at the Mill Road Winter fair back in December and for ad hoc deliveries over the Christmas period including transporting 160 boxes of Chelsea buns from Fitzbillies in the city centre to the local post office. These test runs have enabled the trike to be tuned and modifications made to ensure optimum performance.

Rob added: “As well as delivering freight and cargo there is also potential for local companies and organisations to advertise on the sides of the aluminium box. We have seen some striking advertisements used on similar bikes in the USA and we are sure local companies will be queuing up to make use of the available space.”

The new Outspoken Delivery cargo trikes are set to become an established feature on the Cambridge streets.