Mr Holmes

Mr Holmes - Flickering Myth
Mr Holmes stars Sir Ian McKellen (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Vicious). This is a different take on the famous detective, in this film Holmes is over 90 years old and suffering with his memory. He is trying to piece together his last case.

He is aided this time by Mrs Munro his housekeeper (Laura Linney) and her son Roger (Milo Parker). Holmes is not happy with the notes made by Dr Watson before their partnership ended. However because he can’t remember things very well now, he tries all sorts of things in a bid to regain his former excellent mental prowess.

But his discovery takes him on a different route where he realises he treats people as cases rather than people. He could’ve treated the woman in his last case with more compassion and expressing sympathy for example.

Can he change his ways now?

This film was simply marvellous. It was such a joy to see a different take on an established character. Many actors have played Holmes ranging from the traditional take to more modern interpretations. This film looked at what happens to those great in their hey day after they retire.

It was a brave move and although the plot was very straightforward it moved and a good pace. Sir Ian McKellen had done it again, bringing magic to a character and putting his own spin on it. I was not thinking of other actors who have portrayed the character. Holmes was strong yet vulnerable. Bursts of sharpness still surfaced through his muddled mind.

8/10 from me. A great film with a good cast.

Image reproduced from Flickering Myth.
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