Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is the next film in sequence. It’s another remake of the earlier films.

Dreyfus (Gary Oldman – Harry Potter) leads a gang of humans to fight the apes, who are led by Caesar (Andy Serkis – Lord of the Rings). Caesar was in the last film, now he leads a group of apes living in the forest.

It was very dark and dismal. The sets were very grim, as humanity has been battered by some type of virus. Only those immune to it have lived. Cities are run down and there’s not much order about. The tone was very downbeat.

The humans need a water pump thing, which is in ape territory, and now things are so tense that they cannot enter. There’s already been one incident where an ape has been shot by a human.

Things didn’t improve in the ape camp, bickering and fighting between Caesar and Koba (Toby Kebbel) gets worse. It reaches boiling point when Koba attacks Caesar and tries to frame the humans, this inciting the war needed for the apes to destroy humans and have their dawn!

I saw the some of the early Planet of the Apes films and preferred them. It wasn’t all doom and gloom, people and apes living in run down cities, ready to fight at a moments notice.

I did like the home footage included from the previous film where Caesar was growing up. However, although Malcolm (Jason Clark) and Elle (Keri Russell) were good as the couple out to befriend the apes, the events were far too glum for them to lift the spirits.

Films like this do so much damage to the image of apes, yes they have a savage streak but they wouldn’t survive in the wild if they didn‘t. The animal kingdom can be rich and lively – but it contains a deadliness.

I felt this film centred far too much, on what was bad. Even the ending for me did not dispel the horror of the implications. This is where there’s too much CGI and the script suffers for it.

5/10 from me. A tale mismanaged from the start. Tales of the future should inspire not deflate!

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Tarzan – The Animated Version

Tarzan - 2014
Tarzan – The Animated Version had Kellan Lutz providing the voice of the king of the jungle. It was a different take on the Tarzan legend. It started with an asteroid full of mystical energy heading toward Earth. It was portrayed as the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.

The meteor was the central part of the story and everything revolved around it. Whether they were trying to find it or protect it. However, the mystical energy story was very confusing.

I didn’t really get the point of the meteor. Why did it glow red? How was it able to influence the weather? At the crash site, a group of monkeys guarded it – but they never moved! Choosing to howl from the sidelines if anyone came near it. When Greystoke Snr cut a little bit of the rock off, why did the whole mountain react so violently?
Did they really think by making it glow red they could short change kids and adults alike? We’ll all overlook the pot holes in the story going ‘Ooh…pretty! It’s shining red!’

Some of the elements from the previous Tarzan legends remained. His parents dies in a helicopter crash, he’s raised by apes, he meets a girl called Jane, he has a battle with the evil alpha gorilla and there’s the most famous line – ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane!’. But there was no elephant or monkey!

The scenes between Jane and Tarzan were too lengthy and young children will get bored. There are no funny characters. It’s also highly unlikely that Tarzan would pick up the human language again so quickly after being alone for so long amongst apes.

There were also major plot holes in the story, the young Tarzan survives the crash. He’s found in a child seat by a female ape. Now, that is some child seat! Had he been ejected? However, there was no chute. In what year was the story supposed to be set?

The villain Clayton lacked any personality so came off very one-dimensional. He had an equally dull sidekick, which was a crooked lawyer – which lacked any originality. In fact, the whole board of Greystokes seemed on the take. I find this very annoying. Not all boardrooms are shifty!

You could see things coming a mile off. The film lacked any artistic merit. There was no reason why the animals would hold this Tarzan as their king. He barely spent any time among them, preferring to go on long treks with Jane or by himself. When he finally beat his chest, how would the other animals know what it meant?

At one point, I dozed off as one of the treks was so lengthy and boring. I think it was the monkeys screeching at the side of the meteor site, which alerted me they’d gone in there. I just don’t understand the point of having guards that don’t move!
They have glowing rocks from space able to change the weather over an entire area… And they skimped on the guards?

I think the mystic amazing energy idea might have worked as a sideline but dominating the whole event made it more ‘The Rock from Outer Space that glowed’ than Tarzan. The mushy declarations of love between Tarzan and Jane were also an odd choice for an animated film. What was the intended target audience?

Not a single character stood out for me. There were very few comedy moments and nothing particularly engaging. Including Tarzan himself. I can just see the checklist the producers made for this offering.
Add alien element – Check.
Add dinosaurs somewhere – Check.
Add a big explosion – Check.
Add a sinister boardroom and really ‘evil’ leader – Check.
Add glowing feature to rock – Check.
Okay all done here, we got this licked, yay!

Hmmm… No producers, it was dreadful. 4/10 from me!

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