Film Review: Seduced and Abandoned

Seduced and Abandoned 2013
Seduced and Abandoned is a different kind of film. The stars are playing themselves whist they try and secure investors for their film.

Alec Baldwin and Ryan Gosling feature. It was very interesting to see how money is raised and ideas sold. Although it is not movie magic, it was watchable. There was a large element of slapdash-ness with very little structure. I think where it struggled was the incompleteness of it.

Having big names isn’t enough. The chats of some of the actors were not enough to warrant them being included in a film. I would be inclined put them as an extra with DVD when it comes out. When Harry Met Sally did this sort of thing, they had the right mix of people with interesting stories. That warranted screen time, the ones with this film were not as fascinating.

I was very shocked by the amount of hustling that seemed to be going on. There hardly seemed to any movie making going on. It was all marketing, chats and deals. More like the world of politics. Although the amount of times this was emphasised was unnecessary. If this is really what goes on every time a film is proposed – I can only assume that’s why some dreadful entrants get made!

The amount of money needed was a lot, but then most films these days will cost a lot. Sign of the times, that movie goers want to be wowed, they won’t settle for cheap tricks or salt shakers being used as sci-fi scanning devices! It was sad that if they can’t get the backing, the films don’t get made. It made me wonder what great films were devised but never saw the light of day because no one would pay for it.

A lot of the film’s good points are down to the chemistry between Baldwin and James Toback trying to secure the funds for their vision. I won’t say what! But these two had a good banter and charm to make me want to see how it went and turned out.

Plus the whole idea is refreshing; a movie about movie making! It makes a change of the usual action/monster film assaulting our cinemas. I just think a lot of people will struggle to stay with the film all the way through. The best films have a great plot, from start to finish – like Lord of the Rings.

I will award 6/10 as there was many good bits but just more cohesion and action needed and less narrating.

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