Sweden Wins Eurovision 2012

Last night, Sweden won the world’s largest televised non-sporting event, the Eurovision Song Contest. Loreen won convincingly with her dance anthem “Euphoria”. voters all over Europe supported this new single hit with 372 points and undoubtedly we will hear her voice in the radios all over Europe now. This year the contest took place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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Loreen performs Euphoria

Russia with Buranovskiye Babushki and their song “Party For Everybody” became second with 259 votes, followed by Serbia’s Željko Joksimović and their song “Nije Ljubav Stvar” with 214 votes.

The Russian entry was a departure from the usual performances by younger singers in song contest. Buranovskiye Babushkithe or the “Buranovo Grannies” (the group’s name in English) and their ethno-pop song was popular with the voting public as it was both fun, entertaining and unusual – as you can see from their performance below.

The UK entry sung by Engelbert Humperdinck ended up second to last place with only got 12 points for his performance of “Love Will Set You Free”. Last year’s more popular UK entry from the band Blue reached 11th place when the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Düsseldorf, Germany. Judge for yourself whether Europe was right not to give more votes for Humperdinck’s ballad style song by watching the music video below.

The Norway entry received the fewest votes and they came last in the song contest.

The show was shown on television all over the world and millions of Europeans followed this event which has been designed to celebrate the diversity of all the nations on this continent. Next year the contest will be taking place in Stockholm, Sweden.

The winning entry Euphoria is currently the song that has received the most 12 points under the current voting rules of the Eurovision Song Contest being awarded 12 points by 18 other participating countries. Sweden recieved points from 40 of the voting 42 countries.

Enjoy the YouTube video of Loreen’s winning performance in Baku and again, congratulations Loreen!

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