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Summer sales are hard to uncover, especially when they’re behind closed doors. The latest sales that will lead you to your trendsetting destiny will be unveiled to your satisfaction . From high street shopping sales, to online trends, the hottest sales will be brought for your eyes only and even styling tips on how to put them all together to make the best out of your money.

Forever 21 – OOTD vs OOTN Special

Forever 21’s sale covers all ranges from clothing to accessories, which is fabulous to create that complete head-to-toe “Outfit Of The Day” look at a generous price. The all-American brand offers the ideal going- out summer look. No need to worry about the clothes only appearing once from your wardrobe. The finest thing about Forever 21 is that it allows  you to make a combination of their styling with your own and no  fashion dangers are involved. After all, what better store to buy summer clothing than Forever 21 that is based on a pledge to keeping up with the trends. The variety of styles that Forever 21 has is perfect to make this season sweet, simple and fabulous.

Maxi Skirt £13.99 £28.75 For a sophisticated look

Damasked Crop Top £7.99 £10.50 Daring and sophisticated. Goes well with the neon blue maxi skirt for a modern look!

In summer, there is definitely an “Outfit Of the Night”. What happens in the day is different to what happens later on. Make that transformation from barbecues to a classy evening meal with friends/family. Polka dot shorts from Forever 21 shows the difference from the teared up casual shorts, to pristine and elegantly designed shorts. If you don’t want to show the legs for a while, the neon blue maxi skirt is also flattering to give you a look that’s pleasing to the eye, along with a damasked crop top to make it look more contemporary rather than just vintage.

Class it up with these polka high waist shorts £8.40 £12.00 Looks fabulous with a white shirt, even the graphic tees

H&M – Beach Haven

H&M’s mid-season sale – up to 70% off its splendid summer outfits, including their famous “beach 2013” collection is sure to send our wallets driving. The eye-catching £10 bikini that’s on sale is undoubtedly a perfect start for a beach holiday . The attractive floral bikini suit nicely shapes up the body to give you that desirable figure. For those evenings then you’re dancing in the moonlight or looking up at the stars, you can keep warm  with a long Californian-style  tunic top in the summer evening for just £7.00.

Floral print Bikini Bottoms £4.00 £7.99
Floral Print bikini Top £6.000 £12.99
Available in H&M stores and online

Tunic £7.00 £14.99
Gives you that effortless finish after sun-tanning at the beach all day
Available in H&M stores and online

Dazzling Designers

For those who like luxury brands or want to meet the expenses of them to wear for the summer, there are great deals where you can recieve 50% off . You can never go wrong with designer accessories as they always compliment even the simplest of clothing. To give you that expensive finish detectable designer  sunglasses are a way forward. They not only protect you from the harmful rays of the sun but they keep you from looking overcast this summer.  Marc Jacob’s caramel Willow sunglasses are perfect to style with the prevalent trends. They look flattering with the yummy pastel colours, as well as with the all in rage fluoro makeup collections that are appearing in our favourite makeup labels. With a combination of these you create a  daring yet delicious summer dream!

Willow round-frame acetate sunglasses by House of Harlow

£60.00 £120
Enjoy Marc Jacobs designer glasses at 50% off online at

Those special summer evenings can be made extra glamourous with a touch of designer jewellery and  the reduced price of them is the icing on the cake. An ordinary evening dress can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind with Noir Jewellery that creates an unforgettable look. For more designer sales, don’t hesistate to go online to

£110.26 £245
Noir Jewellery is special for this summer as it contributes to a glamorous summer evening
Available at

There is a lot of sales out there, we just need to keep an eye out for them.Make your summer different from the rest and stay fashionable!

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