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At first glance, men might think it’s relatively easy to pick out the perfect suit. However, as in women’s fashion, there are various styles to suit different occasions and a range of body types. This means that to look at their best, men must take time and care in choosing the perfect suit.


There are three distinct suit variants: American, British and Continental. Each of these can look stunning when chosen for the right body type, and the three styles provide men with the chance to look slimmer and more stylish. In general, American suits are better for larger body types. They’re not as tightly fitted, allowing individuals to hide a few extra pounds beneath the garment. Plain-fronted trousers avoid drawing the eye downwards, whilst a single-breasted blazer distracts the eye from too much detail on the chest. This allows men to look thinner and taller as a result. For anyone who doesn’t have an average or athletic build, the American suit is, therefore, ideal, and should be the only obvious selection.

For men whose body type is either average or athletic, there’s the choice of both the British or Continental suit designs. The former style is often thought of as being quite militaristic, with suits designed in a similar fashion to uniforms. A tight-fitting cut means that both trousers and jackets follow the body’s contours, whilst putting a larger emphasis upon the chest area. Soft shoulders that melt into the arms are coupled with shorter jacket sleeves. The British suit also has a nipped-in waist, accentuating good physical form. Like the British cut, the Continental cut is also ideal for men with average or athletic builds. This style differs from the British variety in having a more severe shoulder line, high armholes and shorter jacket length. Many features of these jackets have been incorporated into mass-marketed suits, so their traits may appear across a large range of styles.

Once the main style of suit has been chosen, it’s important to have a sense of occasion. Not all suits work for every event. For example, when attending a job interview, it’s better to stick with a classic black suit and bright white shirt, than try for anything too flamboyant. Accents of colour can easily be added by teaming a pocket square and tie combination, providing a subtle and stylish undertone. Likewise, invitations to events come with a sense of trepidation for many. However, choosing a suit doesn’t have to be hard. For summer parties, opt for light, grey or powder blue suits, and for winter events, dazzle guests at the party with a dinner suit or a black tuxedo.

One of the most important things when picking out a suit at SuitsMen is to remember to be comfortable. There’s no point having a stunning suit if it results in someone feeling uneasy or uncomfortable. Personal style preferences are a must, and colour can be brought in via ties, pocket squares, cufflinks or even suit linings. By adhering to the advice above, the perfect suit can be bought for any occasion.

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