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Star Wars – Rogue One is stand alone movie in the Star Wars story. It bridges the gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope showing how the Rebels got the Death Star plans to give to Princess Leia.

Jynn Erso’s (Felicity Jones) father is the one who is helping construct the deadly Death Star. A space station with enough firepower to destroy a planet. She is freed from Imperial captivity to undertake a mission to make contact with Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen) who has broken away from the Rebellion and they want him back. They believe as he helped Jynn when she was younger he’ll listen to her.
She is partnered with Cassain Andor (Deigo Luna) and his robot K-2SO a reprogrammed Imperial droid.

However she wants to find her father after hearing a message from her father that Chirrut obtained from a defected Imperial pilot – who her father gave his message to. Galen Erso has built a weakness into the station and he only worked on the Death Star to spare his daughter.
Little does Jynn know Andor has orders to kill Galen on sight!

They pick up some help and have a battle a new villain called Krennick (Ben Mendelsohn).

The hope of finding more about the Death Star and any weaknesses depend on the group’s survival!

I liked the movie but I didn’t love it. Lacking the usual Star Wars titles and the familiar theme tune with the rolling yellow titles that display the outline of the film, it immediately didn‘t feel Star Wars. I understand an episode number couldn’t be used but even the name would have been good!
Films and TV shows become famous, particularly long running franchises, for their titles and music and when you change it, it decreases the magic.

There was no leader of the group, rather more of a rag tag group effort – even the debates in the war rooms reminded me a bit of the TV you see of the House of Lords. Everyone talking but nothing being decided. Not really riveting for a cinema audience. Andor lacked authority and presence.

The rest of the characters were very similar that feature in other war stories. I didn’t really take to any of them.

There wasn’t anybody that I recognised in the cast. But some clever use of CGI allows some familiar faces to appear in the story.

The lack of a big name was a problem. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The group were just bumbling from one thing to the next. Yes there was good action and CGI but the protracted conversations, the lack of chemistry between the main characters and the usual sad stories explaining intents took the edge off it.
The only character I really liked was the new robot K-2SO, he had some great lines. ‘We have a problem on the horizon… there is no horizon.’

I did like certain nods to the Star Wars series with ships, characters and names in the background. Some of them blink and you miss. However the background isn’t enough when the front line stars can’t pull it together.

Why they made a new villain like Krennick is beyond me. Was he in the earlier Star Wars movies or the newer prequels? I don’t remember him. Some guy strutting about the place in white was just odd. The new main foe should have been either the CGI Vader or Tarkin.

Darth Vader does get some excellent scenes towards the end. It’s worth seeing it just for these and the ending!

I wanted to give this top marks but I really can’t. So it’s 8/10 from me.
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