Soup – A Miracle for Fat Loss

Fiona Kirk_Fat in the City_HeaderSome people tell me they don’t like soup. I say ‘what’s not to love?’ I call it a ‘miracle in a bowl’ for a host of very good reasons and spend copious hours endeavouring to convince non-believers!

My closest friend (and soup supremo), Jean Barr and I have been on a mission for many years to bring soup into everyone’s lives because we believe that once you become a soupaholic, you remain a soupaholic!

I have been devising diets for more years than I care to count and writing articles and books on the subject of fat loss. Anyone who is familiar with my scribblings will know that soup always plays a major role in my recommendations for waistline-whittling. Copious studies plus my personal experience with dieters reveal that when we are trying to follow any kind of prescriptive weight loss programme religiously, the usual stumbling blocks are hunger, cravings and feelings of deprivation which can make it horribly-hard to ‘stick it’ for long. Regular soup-supping can seriously remove those frustrations. Why?

  • Soup targets fat loss fast and cuts calories.
  • Soup fills you up and controls hunger and cravings.
  • Soup is quick, nutritious and cheap.
  • Soup reduces water retention and boosts metabolism.
  • Soups feeds bones, brain, skin and hormones.
  • Soup promotes good blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Soup controls inflammation and fights viruses.

Having just a handful of soup recipes up your sleeve which you can quickly throw together or make in bulk and freeze in portions to grab and go or sup when hunger and cravings invade are nothing short of a ‘fat loss saviour’ and worth their nutritional weight in gold.

For all the above reasons, we devised our Soup Can Make You Thin diet; a 10 day flab-fighting diet, in a bid to encourage dieters to get the apron on and the blender out and make soup. Such has been the enthusiasm for both the diet and Jean’s recipes that we have now been goaded/badgered/encouraged to produce a full colour cookbook with lots more SuperSkinny, Skinny and FatBustForever soup recipes with, we hope, something for every soup fan out there!

I make no excuse for encouraging you to have a look at our books because we want you to embrace ‘the power of soup’ for fat loss but also through our website, we encourage you to seek out other inspirational soup food bloggers, soup sites and soup cookbooks whose passions we share.

NB: Slim people eat soup, slim people make soup, slim people regularly choose soup over other meal and snack choices. Why? Because there is nothing like a bowl of soup to nourish, energise, fill you up, create that warm, fuzzy feeling and keep you lean. It is simply the best way of getting maximum nourishment into a fairly small and convenient space and there are so many ways of doing it that you can eat soup daily and shed pounds fast without diet boredom ever being an issue.

Have a look at our soup website, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us through our soup forum or sign up to our newsletter. We look forward to hearing from you……..

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