Singapore: The Number 2 Leading Vegan City In Asia

The year is now 2017 and there has never been such a high demand for vegan food by people all around the world. There are places opening up everywhere that cater to vegans but up until now, a lot of it was very experimental and didn’t always work.

I’ll preference this by saying I’m a meat-eater, but I must admit, a lot of the stuff that you can find nowadays is pretty tasty. My sister is vegan and is always cooking new and inventive meals, all of which I love!

The Asian culture is packed full of vegetarian and vegan dishes. A lot of this is due to religious reasons but nonetheless, vegans everywhere are benefitting from it! All it takes is a Google search and you’re opened up to a whole new world of recipes free from animals.

If you’re on the hunt for plant-based meals that involve vegan chicken wings, pizza, waffles, ice-cream and cakes – Trust me, Singapore is the place to be!

Why Is Singapore Ranked So High Amongst Vegans?

Being the second-favourite vegan central in Asia is an incredible achievement and this ranking should not be taken lightly since it was done so by the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). It’s clear that they have a sense of duty to care and protect animals everywhere.

This makes them the experts when it comes to vegan places to eat and I can safely say that I trust them after the experience I had. The main aspect that makes Singapore stand out from the rest is the sheer variety of foods they have to offer.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a vegan myself, but some of the meals they create are simply stunning to taste and look at. The whole idea behind the vegan restaurants in Singapore is to allow people to indulge in delicious food, minus the feelings of guilt about animals having to die to satisfy their hunger.

Singapore openly support vegans and are trying to put an end to animal cruelty by showing the world how luscious food can be without animals having to suffer. This attitude is what has led to so many vegan restaurants wanting to open up in the city – Singapore is always welcoming people to be a part of their vegan culture.

Vegan Restaurants In Singapore

If you’re a vegan visiting Singapore, you’re going to be like a kid in a candy store. When I took a trip to the city, the amount of places offering vegan food was surprising but the vast array of options available is what truly blew me away.

Whatever I craved, they had it.

Some of the top food places in Singapore include the following:

  •        Genesis Vegan Restaurant.
  •        VegCafe.
  •        VeganBurg.
  •        Loving Hut.
  •        nomVnom.
  •        HotCakes.

I didn’t get the chance to visit them all but the ones that really made a lasting impression on me were the VeganBurg and HotCakes. The VeganBurg had an insane amount of different burgers I could choose from (The Smoky BBQ was by far my favourite burger!) HotCakes had tons of sweet options available – So much so that I spent around 15 minutes trying to decide on what I wanted!

My Final Verdict

Coming from someone who’s not a vegan, I can honestly say that the food I ate whilst visiting Singapore was divine. If you’re thinking of moving somewhere that’s friendly to vegans, you may want to begin looking at private limited company singapore advantages. Singapore have certainly earned the spot of being Asia’s second best vegan city!

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