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We could say that Guisely an attractive and enterprising suburb in the North West of Leeds has two significant landmarks of interest to the great British public. The first being the world famous Harry Ramsden’s Fish & Chip Restaurant and the second being the new Good Skin Days skin rejuvenation beauty clinic. The only clinic outside of London to offer beauty-wise clients the amazing Clear & Brilliant fully FDA approved fractional laser device created by Solta Medical to help rejuvenate skin that displays signs of wrinkles, lines and other symptoms of ageing.

The decision to offer the revolutionary treatment is the brainchild of father and son team John and Chris Gill who have over 25 years of professional experience in developing aesthetic laser clinics. As a family they have bought over 150 lasers and remarkably never once have they bought an IPL- intensive pulse light system, simply because it is not in the same league as the class of medical grade lasers. The highly qualified team is led by a Medical Director, laser therapists, registered nurses, specialist practitioners and a consultant dermatologist. All staff have undertaken extensive training on the laser equipment as well as in house training and written exams.

The Clear & Brilliant gentle laser treatment that works from the inside out, is literally turning heads with impressive results being achieved even with a single treatment helping to replace any damaged skin with younger, healthier, smoother skin. Clients can expect to receive a host of compliments on their glowing skin as soon as they step out of the clinic and are advised to complete a course of at least 3 sessions for optimum results and regular maintenance treatments. The laser energy creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in your skin and can be classified as a cross between a less aggressive topic peel and a strong microdermabrasion treatment which has minimal downtime.

Clear & Brilliant is effective and affordable as a preventative treatment with benefits that offer your skin; improved softness, reduced pigmentation, illuminated skin tone and surface radiance. It can be enjoyed by both men and women of all ages and skin types and treatment sessions take approximately 45 minutes depending on area and condition. After having the face treated it should be kept free of make up and swimming and sauna avoided for a day as your face will be slightly red and sensitive . During an in-depth consultation your treatment regime will be worked out for you by an expert skin therapist.

My therapist Rachel Smith was very reassuring and attentive throughout my treatment and invited me to fill out a detailed medical questionnaire encouraging me to share any concerns I might have had. One look at the stunning clinic and spotless treatment rooms relaxed me immediately and offered me the opportunity to test out the treatment for myself. I was doubly reassured after hearing that Rachel had tried the treatment herself and looked great.

At first my face was cleansed, then an aesthetic was applied which took effect within a few minutes and we were ready to begin. A warm tingling sensation could be felt immediately as the laser travelled across my face. After the treatment was finished my therapist applied a soothing face mask and washed off to apply a SPF 50 factor sunscreen to protect my skin from any sun. My skin felt a little hot and tight and looked amazing.

It is important when experiencing Clear & Brilliant for yourself that you make sure that you use a high SPF factor quality sunscreen such as Heliocare 50 and good hydrating moisturizer and use tepid water to cleanse the treated area/s for the first two days at least. After 4-5 days your skin will start looking even better and feeling ultra soft and smooth. I tried the Eau Thermale Avene range of products for the first time also offered at the clinic and was suitably impressed by the natural gentle formula of both the hydrating cream – SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Hel and skin repair cream Cicalfate that Rachel had recommended. I found the cream to be one of the best that I have ever tried and will be recommending it to friends.

Clear & Brilliant is safe enough to use alongside other popular anti-ageing treatments such as Botox, dermal facial fillers, laser hair removal and those who have undertaken semi permanent make up. Results can last for months if you protect your skin properly. If you are tempted to achieve fabulous skin for yourself in a state of the arts skin clinic manned by caring professionals then why not try Clear & Brilliant for yourself today. You can find the price of affordable packages at or call 01943 882 010.

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