Signs You Need Water Softeners

Hard water is among the most common water quality problems in homes. Hard water contains high mineral concentration, mostly calcium and magnesium. But, hard water is fit for drinking because the minerals are included in several foods. However, hard water poses problems to your appliances and the plumbing system in your home. You most likely require a water softening system in your home to counteract the effects of hard water on appliances and plumbing system. A water softening system softens hard water and extends the lifespan of your appliances, clothes and plumbing. Take a look at these tell-tale signs that you need a water softener.

Scale Build-Up

If you notice an accumulation of scale on your appliances, you probably have hard water. Mineral deposits often accumulate on coffee pots, within your pipes and tea kettles. Consequently, the scale build-up clogs the plumbing unit in a way that your house is unable to pass water through the pipes as effectively as it should. You can consider water softeners Livermore to prevent defective plumbing and accumulation of scale in appliances.

Dry Skin

You probably don’t know this, but hard water dries your skin and makes your hair itchy. The extra calcium and magnesium in hard water make your skin and hair dry. You can use soap, shampoo and moisturizer to prevent these effects, but not permanently. The solution would be to install water softeners so that you can nourish your skin and hair. Also, hard water blocks skin pores, which causes inflammation and blackheads.

Faded Clothes

Noticing grey and faded clothes or bed sheets is an indication of hard water. You may also feel that your clothes are scratchy and hard to wash. It could be as a result of the extra mineral substances contained in hard water. The best way to ultimately eliminate the greyness in your clothes is to get rid of hard water through the installation of water softeners.

Frequent Plumbing repairs

Limescale caused by hard water in your home accumulates on water pipes. As hard water flows in your pipes, they become increasingly restricted. The accumulation of limescale happens at a fast rate as water flows through the pipes. Over time, hard water reduces water flow in your plumbing units, which causes frequent repairs. It makes sense to eliminate hard water through water softeners to save on costly repairs.

You ought to deal with the issue of hard water after learning about hard water signs. Call an expert to test the extent of water hardness in your home. A professional will help you to install a water softener that suits your needs.

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