Sick At 420 Festival

There are thousands of festivals held each year across the globe. Many of these gatherings are to celebrate one or more things that unite us as people. There are many tourists who travel many hundreds and even thousands of miles to attend festivals. The spirit and the memories of the festivities live with them forever

The latest festivals that have appeared on our calendars celebrate Marijuana. These festivals are just other like food, online gambling tournaments and beverages festivals. The biggest blowout (as these kinds of parties are called) was in San Francisco, USA.

420 marijuana festivals have become “the” celebration of this once forbidden herb. The state of California has legalized the retail sales of the herb. There are now several adult shops that sell the drug.

Hippie Hill in the San Francisco bridge park hosted more than 20,000 people attending the blowout. It was a great event for almost everyone who attended. The exception were the few people who consumed “bad” weed products results in the emergency services being called. The police also caught a couple of people driving under the influence of marijuana. But with the number of people who attended you would be more likely to win an online casino gambling jackpot than to get arrested.

Lessons from the 420 festival

But generally, people are good natured. In the morning after the biggest Marijuana festival in America, there was a lot of litter on Hippie Hill. Just as thousands descended on the park to get high, hundreds also came out to volunteer to clean up the park.

While a few people tried to spoil the event, the turnout by the volunteers is a clear sign that people still care about other beings. The volunteers who came out to restore the hill to its litter-free state are the true success of the event.

It should help to remind us that there is a lot of good in the world. Which what festivals are meant to do? By bringing people together who share common interests it lets us all know that we are part of a bigger community of people.

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